Thursday, July 29, 2010

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Top 6 perform. Again.

Oh my goodness!! No one is injured this week! What?? Crazy. Apparently Nigel decided to stop beating his dancers. That nutty Brit. There is also a fourth judge again this week (read: Time Filler). The lovely Toni Redpath! You will remember her as the judge during auditions who seemed really nice until she did choreo in Vegas, at which point I believe Billy called her Nazi Barbie. Let's hope she saw that. Just because it would be funny, not because I want her to be extra mean to Billy - though after last week's shenanigan's, I'm a little annoyed with Mr. Bell.  Anywhooooo... on to the dancing.

KENT: Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Jean Marc and France. Style: Cha Cha. Kent and the kissing everyone is cute.  But so close to weird. He is so little. The "random audience member" didn't look like a random audience member... just saying. Does everyone else think that Anya likes playing the cougar to Kent a little too much? Glad that Nigel has acknowledged that Kent has moved on to "man dancing." He has done a really good job at trying not to be a kid, especially when he needs to be. Listen.... they had some valid points of things Kent needs to still work on, but the boy isn't going anywhere.  He has done a great job at stepping up to the plate for each dance. His worse is still better than some other dancer's best. (*cough*Jose*cough*)

ROBERT: Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Stacey Tookey. Style: Contemporary. Why doesn't America like Robert? WHY?? He is a gorgeous dancer. And, well, just plain gorgeous. And he apologizes to inanimate objects when he kicks them, based on the rehersal footage. Which shows he is a better person than I am. I would have cursed that damn pole for exsisting. The move when Kathryn basically somersaulted while Robert held her on his sholder made me nervous. Oooo... and the twist ending... Kathryn is the soldier leaving. Good job Stacey. It was a really beautiful piece and, of course, beautifully danced. But of course, he will be bottom three. I don't get it.

(Side note: When did Mia become the Simon of the season?  I thought that was supposed to be Nigel's role.)

ADECHIKE: Allstar: Courtney. Choreo: Tyce. Style: Jazz. I love Courtney. She is sassy. Holy jump at the start of the dance. I really liked the routine. It was fun choreo. And I think that it was incredibly well danced. Adechike was very strong in it. Courtney was, of course, beautiful. But I am just not connecting with him. I don't know why. He is very cute and funny and a wonderful dancer. Oh well..... I cant explain it.

Did Billy just say that Lauren has named her bunny slippers?? Fantastic. 

JOSE: Allstar: Comfort. Choreo: Marty Kuldeka & Dana Wilson. Style: HipHop (someone out there really loves Jose!) Comfort just said that Jose has no game!! Fabulous! (By the way, I know that I give Jose a hard time, it is not because I don't like him. He is adorable! But he has gotten through based on injuries!) Ooooo.. Otis Redding singing Try a Little Tenderness!! Who else is picturing Duckie dancing around the record store in Pretty in Pink right now? I'm not sure how I felt about the routine. I wanted to love it. I'm not if it was the routine or not. I agree with Nigel - it seemed floppy. Like it should have been a little tighter. Think of a Nappytabs routine - they have perfected a more lyrical hip hop routine, but still having some of the sharpness of the moves. This seemed like he was not trying at all. I don't know....

Watching Billy's solo and Emily just said "Woah...... Mom that guy is amazing!" And he is.

(Hey Ann, Kent chose an Elliot Yamin song for his solo... is he your favorite now? Teehee)

LAUREN: Allstar: Allison. Choreo: Tyce. Style: Broadway. Here is the real test for darling Lauren. Dancing alongside Alison. Apparently Tyce has been watching Damn Yankees, this is his second Damn Yankees routine in 3 weeks! Not complaining. Love this show! This routine seems like a sister act and that is a good thing. They seem to have a good connection. And while there were moments when Alison clearly outdanced Lauren, there were some moves where Lauren clearly outdanced Alison. They were really great and Lauren has proved that she is a just a solid all around dancer.

(Nigel just called the show American Idol! HA! Even funnier - Lauren saying it was because she sang so beautifully in her clip package)

BILLY: Allstar: Ade. Choreo: Stacey. Style: Contemporary. (Ok, this is wrong, but last week Louis CK did a HYSTERICAL bit about homeless guys in NYC on Louie, so when Billy said he was playing a homeless guy in this one I started giggling inapporpriately. Sorry.  Paying attention now.) How is Billy dancing with this hat covering his eyes? Billy and Ade look like opposites - Billy is shorter and lanky, Ade is tall and very strong. But together I have to say they danced really in sync. The moment in the routine after they discover they know each other was gorgeous! Really, truly, beautiful routine.  I forgive Billy for last week's drama. That was the highlight of Billy this season, by far. And another emotional and genius routine from Stacey. Thank you SYTYCD Canada, for giving her to us in the US of A. She is shiz. Love that Mia was like - hey... you are taking over for me!

JOSE & KENT:  Choreo: Spencer Liff. (adorable!!) Style: Broadway. Uh Oh. The judges just told Jose that he had no swagger in the last routine that required swagger and now he has to play the guy with game. If the ladies decide who get the girl it's gonna be Kent. Again, I hate to hate on Jose so much but I feel like this is another routine with a dancer and an allstar, but Kent is the allstar. He is clearly meant to dance this style. Which is what Adam just said. I bet Adam is DYING to choreograph this kid. As for Jose, he did a really decent job. If he had done that without Kent, it would have looked better for him.

LAUREN & ADECHIKE: Choreo: Jean Marc & France. Style: Fox Trot. I'm okay with the routine. I don't have much to say about it. There was some good moments, but some awkward moments as well. I obviously am not a ballroom expert, but after 7 seasons of the show I think I can speak with a very very small amount of authority. Lauren did better overall. But there were moments were she was very obviously NOT a ballroom dancer. Adechike's hands were weird (like Toni mentioned) and his arms were not extended like how I am pretty sure they are supposed to be. It made his frame seem, I don't know... misshapen?

BILLY & ROBERT: Choreo: Nakul Dev Mahajan. Style: Bollywood. So this is supposed to be two guys trying to be in a Bollywood movie. Um, Robert wins. I haven't seen the dance yet, btw. Just saying if they were casting a Bollywood movie, Billy would not be first choice. Sooooo..... Robert still wins I think. And apparently Toni thinks so because she just called him a "big cheesy hamburger." Hmmmm..... I'm hungry. Anywho... it was a great Bollywood routine. They were both really strong.

So overall, good routine. If Jose isn't going home tomorrow... well, I don't even know. Uh oh..... Lauren is with the medics. Seriously, I hope that she isn't hurt. It will be sad if our only girl goes home tonight!!


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