Monday, July 5, 2010

Still on a break but.....

Hey all! Still on a break since I leave for NYC in a little over 48 hours! To sum up how I feel: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

But since there is a chance I may be getting some new traffic on the blog thanks to my friend, Sean (hi, Sean!! You rock!) I wanted to just welcome any new readers.  Please scroll through the last few entries to see what I'll be watching this summer. I'll be back to my normal entertaining blogs in about a week. And I'll have a new True Blood blog then too. HBO, knowing that I wasn't blogging this week, chose to repeat last night. Thanks, HBO. I love you too. But no more head turning sex scenes, mmmkay? I had nightmares.

And while I'm here: bye bye Melinda, I will not miss your tapping. But despite that choice I'm still SOOOO mad at the judges. So mad. We'll talk next week. But to cheer me up I watch this on an endless loop. I heart you Alex Wong. 

Be back soon, readers!! Be prepared to comment me lots!

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Sean Quincey said...

Hey Melissa! Again, great job on the Gildea stories! Got a lot of reader feedback from it. It's a great story to tell and it was awesome to get Nick Santora's point of view on the whole thing!
I hope a few more people check out the blog! Any self-respecting True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance watcher needs to!
All the best,