Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review: 1/23-1/29

Things I've learned this week: I am far to invested in televisions shows aimed at people at least 10 years younger than me. Also, I know how to pick actors that are awesome early in their careers. And by saying "I know," I mean that Joss Whedon knows because my highlights of last week come from two shows starring (swoon-worthy) Whedonverse actors. Let's get started.

CASTLE: This episode was huge. Major. In case you didn't see, and why wouldn't you, Castle and Beckett kissed. Sure, it was to throw off a security guard, but we all know that they felt something beause, well, the love each other. For me, the kiss wasn't even the biggest moment. The most important moment of the show was the converstation between Castle and his mom. Mom worried for him because the case involving the murder of Beckett's mom was getting very dangerous and she pointed out that he didn't need to be there anymore because he had more than enough research to write a whole series of Nikki Heat books. But as we all know, and Castle finally admitted out loud, it's not about the books for him anymore. And while he didn't specify what that meant, it seemed to be as much about his relationship with Beckett (they acknowledged he is her partner, and not just the "plucky sidekick") as it is about the work itself. He is beneficial to every case he participates in, and he enjoys doing it. He wants to do the work. Now if only they would get him licensed to carry a friggin gun!

GREEK: I realize most of you don't watch this, so I'm probably writing this for myself, but this was my favorite episode possibly ever of the series. The show mostly focuses on Casey and Rusty Cartwright, a sorority girl and her little brother who both go to school at ficitional college, CRU. The show mainly deals with their issues and the people that immediately surround them. One of the secondary characters, Beaver, a frat brother of Rusty and Casey's main loveinterest, Cappie, is normally just around to serve as comic relief. This week, the entire episode was Beaver-centric. He was in almost every scene. He even "sang" the opening credits, which is normally just a ten second musical ditty over the title card (a la Grey's Anatomy). There are no lyrics so he just said "Greek, greek greek, greek, greeeeeek" a bunch of times to the tune. I don't think it translates well to this blog, but trust me - it was adorable. The show only has about 7 more epsiodes and I think the saddest part to that is that it took 4 1/2 seasons to get to this episode where we discovered the idiot frat boy, Beaver, was actually a thoughtful and sweet man. I hope we see more before this series is gone.

SOUTHLAND: Oh boy. After the opening segment (which always takes place at the end of the day for the episode) I knew it was going to be a tough one. Watching Shawn Hatosy sit a cry in a hospital waiting room covered in blood was enough to tell us what was about to happen - his partner Nate, played by Kevin Alejandro was going to die. It was so hard to rewind the 20 hours to the morning and see Nate having a moment with his family, wishing he would pay more attention to the goodbyes, because he didn't realize those would be the last moments he would have with his family. What is worse is the case they had for the day dealt with a man who was shot and killed in front of his kids while picking up a birthday cake for his son. And the way his character died - a blow to the back of the head by a gang member. It was unexpected so SO horrifying. If only he hadn't gotten out of the car.... I know why his character died - Alejandro is very busy in New Orleans on True Blood and season 4 is the "Season of the Witch" and being a brujo, or male witch, on the show he is in high demand over there. The travelling was a lot. But still.... I loved Nate. And his partner was already on the edge. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the season.

THE CW: Well, due to lots of reasons (none very clear) Supernatural (and Smallville) didn't air this week. But everything else was back, so I'll talk about that. First, Gossip Girl. Lots happened, and to be honest, all of them paled in comparison to the glory that is Blair and Dan. I don't care if they ever get together romantically (I'm still pulling for Nate and Dan, honestly) but more scenes of the two of them are always welcome. They are the two smartest characters on the show and their banter is perfection. Excited for their internship to start this week. One Tree Hill was super sweet this week, and that made me happy. Sure their Hangover-esque storyline was incredibly silly (hello, Dave Navarro!) but it finally brought Alex a moment of humanity. Usually she is just a pain, but I have to say I actually liked her this week. I'm sure she'll will ruin it at the wedding. And then there was Hellcats - thank goodness Marti/Savannah are already on the mend. I was only going to be able to stand so much of the ousting Marti storyline. But I miss Dan and his hair. Best of all this week (as always): The Vampire Diaries. Remember when Elena was the stupid girl who kept saying, "I can't deal with vampires. wah wah wah." ? I think I've finally started to let it go. She was great with Rose (if not a little stupid) and handled Damon so well. Not happy Jules finally talked to Tyler. That isn't going to go well. This show had so many twists and turns in the last 5 minutes (Uncle John/Dad! Damon going evil-ish!) I don't even know where we will be going next week. But I know that either way, I can't wait!

BONES: Poor, poor Sweets. That is the theme of the episode. First he gets taken down, psychologically speaking, by the Gravedigger in what turned out to be her last 5 minutes on Earth. Of course she would manage to destroy someone right before dying! Watching down and out Sweets for most of the episode was possibly one of the saddest things ever on the show. He is always such a strong, if not sometimes childish, man-boy. But thankfully Caroline was there to help him through it in the way that only she can. I don't think I've enjoyed Caroline as much as this since the time she made Booth and Bones kiss. (God bless her) The greatest outcome of the Gravedigger being killed: that Max was a suspect, natch, and showed up to claim his innocence. Max is fantastic. He was genuinely disappointed that Bones and Booth aren't together yet (Get in line, pops) even tho his relationship with Booth his difficult to say the least. Even better - he brings out Brennan's innocence. The girl of logic and science allowed herself to believe in the magic of hearing the ocean in the conch shell that Max gave her before he left. And of course that didn't go unnoticed by her meant-to-be love, Booth, who is down and out dealing with the new long-term Big Bad, The Sniper. I can't wait to see where that story goes.

Alright, that's what I've got this week. What did you enjoy this week? Oh, and yes, I am watching Idol. But I hate commenting on auditions, because I really don't feel like paying enough attention to the names or any of that. I'll comment more when we get to know actual contestants. But how creepy is Steven Tyler. Enjoyable and creepy. :)

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All my love to Sweets said...

I absolutely adore Bones as you know. Sweets being so despondent about the shooting was terribly sad, it made me want to hug him (more than usual). I'm going to venture the Sniper takes out suspects before Booth can arrest them, like he is pointing out he is more effective than Booth. Can we say the gravedigger was the reg cast member that gets taken out and we don't have to lose a morelieable character later?! Please! I have been enjoying Idol. They have had a lot of real tear jerker mini stories about contestants. Glad your blog is back.