Monday, September 20, 2010

Week in Review: 9/12-9/18

Hello everyone. It's a little late, but I'm here getting my week in review done, as promised! Going to try to do it on the weekends from now on, but no promises on that one. 

MAD MEN: Somehow voice over is more interesting when Don Draper is the one doing it. Another great episode from this series that has been on fire, with no end in sight. And while Don may have been giving the narration, the real highlight this week was the power struggle between Joan, Peggy and Joey. Joey enjoys a good joke at Joan's expense feeling that she is a useless overblown secretary. Joan, frustrtated, gives them a talking to that makes me cheer, warning them that when they are in the jungles of Vietnam they will look back and realize how great it was to just have to deal with her. Peggy decides that is not enough and fires Joey. Joey was a douche, but I will miss Matt Long's pretty face. Joan says all that will do is make Joey and the other men in the office, resent them even more. But more exciting that any of this: Anne Dudek was back as Francine! WOO!

ENTOURAGE: What a long downward spiral it has been for Vincent Chase, ending with the cops finding cocaine in his pocket while in the hospital after getting his ass beat by Eminem and his thugs (classic). I'm very interested in how this series wraps up during it's final season next summer. Hopefully all goes well for the boys we've grown to love. Yes, even Drama. But if something bad happens with Eric and Sloane I will hunt Mark Whalberg down and smack him. Just kidding. If I found him I'd probably just stare at his pretty.

TRUE BLOOD: So, the finale. Well, I liked it. But as someone who read the books, I was kind of left a little unsatisfied. To avoid spoiling anything (or I should say I possibly spoiling anything) I will leave it at this: There are things that happen with Eric and Jason that I want to happen on the show, and they didn't. However that is not to say they won't. In fact Jason being in Hotshot makes it very likely his will still happen. And I believe the thing with Eric has already been confirmed by Alan Ball, so fingers crossed. That being said: I'm relatively happy with the ending of the season. It didn't quite end of the same note that the other seasons ended on (you know, Sookie screaming) but it was still good. My biggest question is not where did Sookie go or did Sam shoot Tommy. It is, what the hell was with the creepy baby doll on the floor of Hoyt and Jessica's new house? Seriously. Of anything that has ever happened on the show, THAT was the creepiest. Also: I miss you Godric. Please come back some more.

90210: The kids of West Bev are back and more screwed up than ever. Annie is off house arrest (Her punishment for killing that guy. Whatever happened to the storyline that she didn't really do it?!), has a new intership and is making kissy face with the yummy Liam. Naomi is going cuckoo for cocoa puffs after getting raped (for reals this time). Silver and Teddy are still going strong, until Teddy is found with a practically naked Naomi. Wasn't what you thought, Silver, but just a hint: it's not going to matter in the long run anyway. Dixon is jealous of his girlfriends new live in old friend, who she does have a crush on, but it doesn't matter cuz he is doing her mom. And then there is Adrianna, right after Javier tells her she is totally useless and she is off the tour, he gets killed. And then she steals his songs. Fantastic. Oh, and there was an earthquake. Whatever, just another day in Beverly Hills.

GOSSIP GIRL: Dear Upper West Siders, Things are still crazy with our favorite friends. Dan is a baby daddy (or is he?) and is about to discover he is a SINGLE baby daddy. Nate has slept with all of Manhattan, but then meets the totally awesome Katie Cassidy who seems cool, but because she is played by Katie Cassidy, is totally shady. Eric seems to missing. Lily and Rufus are still shaky ground thanks to the Chuck and Jenny debacle. Speaking of Chuck, he was saved from the alley in Amsterdam by Fleur from Harry Potter who does not know his name. But now they are in Paris, which is where S & B are. Serena has been sexing it up and Blair has been shopping it up. They fight and make up as always (over boys, Serena choosing Columbia over Brown) and are about to get a bit of a shock when they find Chuck this week. Good times. Oh, and best of all: Little J is still mercifully in Hudson (or wherever) with her mother. Good riddance.

COVERT AFFAIRS: This was sold as a "two hour season finale" but really it was just two episodes blocked together, one of which was the season finale. In fact the first episode, a fun one guest starring Gregory Itzin and Anna Chumlsky, seemed a bit out of order. But whatever. As for the regular season finale, well, that was a good hour of television. It was fun to see Annie and Ben together now, not in flashbacks. Ben is a great character, and I love him. Although Ben and Jai with their constant "protect Annie" bit was annoying me as much as it was her, which is why I am glad she wasn't the one that needed saving in the final battle at the building. But when Ben was shot.... well, let's just say I was not happy. And as my husband pointed out, they didn't seem to be heading to the nearest medical facility! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we haven't seen the end of Ben Mercer. Even if we all know the end of the show will have Annie and Auggie married with kids (is that just in my head?) Ben is too much fun to lose after only one short season.

LIFE UNEXPECTED: For those of you who watched Pretty Little Liars this summer, you may have had a sense of deja vu when Lux met a handsome young man while she was in a bar who then assumed she was of legal age (you know, cuz she is in the bar) and they have a "moment," only to discover on the first day of school that the handsome young man is her new teacher. (Why hello, Aria and Mr. Fitz, nice to see you again!) They did play it differently on this show, and I still like the storyline, so I'm not complaining. Plus, on this show you get to know teacher a little better. While I enjoy Aria and Fitz on PLL, I always felt like he had no personality and his sole purpose was to listen to Aria complain about shit. Anyway, back to LUX. The ex Mrs. Dean Forester of Gilmore Girls, Arielle Kebbel (also the chic Sam shot in his flashback on True Blood) is the new bartender at Baze's bar. Then she set it on fire... turns out she is also Ryan's sister. But she is not the only mystery woman in Ryan's life, there is some woman Julia who sent them a weird vase. Between Paige, Julia and the new co-host, how will Ryan have time for Cate?

ONE TREE HILL: There are so many things I can say about this episode. Love all the Brooke and Julian cuteness. Love the Haley and Nate cuteness. But my biggest issue is WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE GONE TO SEE WHERE QUINN AND CLAY ARE?!? It's been over 24 hours. When Nate knocks on the door, why doesn't he go around back and check? Aren't their cars in the driveway? Shouldn't that make him suspicious. Obviously you can get in through Clay's bedroom since crazy Katie/Sarah did to shoot them. How long are they going to lay there bleeding out? And how long can they and we actually are supposed to believe they survive?? Seriously!! So mad about it.

PARENTHOOD: Was Jasmine this selfish last season? I don't remember her being this selfish. Oh well, I guess we will see where it goes. I really enjoy this show, and I'm glad it is back. If only because not having Lauren Graham on TV every week after Gilmore Girls ended was killing me a little. Also really glad Minka Kelley was back. I heart her and anyone else who was ever on an episode of Friday Night Lights. My new favorite character is Joel. His arguments on the roof with Zeke won me over.

DARK BLUE: This two part season finale guest starred Johnnt Messner, Seamus Deaver and Todd Stashwick making them my favorite episodes of the season. Also a highlight: all the Jamie and Dean love. They are my favorite, and they have been ignoring their relatioship most of the season. Glad to have them back, at least kind of. Not sure if this was renewed for another season, but if Tricia Helfer is back and they keep going with Dean and Jamie, I'm in,

HELLCATS: Still not totally sold on this show, but this week's was better than the pilot. Love Matt Barr as Marti's friend Dan. I especially like that they don't have him in love with Marti, but instead interested in Savannah. Also just love that he isn't totally psycho like on One Tree Hill. But I keep waiting for that to happen. I find it funny that the moral of this show seems to be "Trashy or Snobby, all moms suck." LOL. Even if Marti's mom redeemed herself at the end of the episode, I can guarantee that won't stick!
VAMPIRE DIARIES: I don't know about you, but I am in love with Vampire Caroline. I can't wait to see how she does with this. I didn't like her all that much last season, but now she is really fun to watch. Not as fun as Damon though, who cracks me up. When he said to Stefan, "Aren't you afraid one day all the forrest animals will band together and fight back? Surely they talk." I almost died laughing. Classic Damon. Also loved that he seems to like Jeremy. And in a way, that Jeremy seems to like him. Their banter when Jeremy came into the house to kill him was great - especially when Damon pointed out how crappy Jer's whittling skills are. Not loving Bonnie though. Listen, witch, Damon may have gave Caroline that blood, but you told him to, and Katherine was the one that killed her, so quit trying to burn the most interesting character on this show alive! One big question/complaint: WHERE THE EFF IS ALARIC??? I miss my Matt Davis.

NIKITA: Still loving this show. I'm finding it very Joss Whedon- esque. Hot girl who is snarky and kicks ass? Check. Even snarkier tech nerd? Check. Brooding hot guy whose loyalties are in question? Check. It all makes me happy. Wondering how long Shane West's Michael can really keep his loyalties in line with Division. Even if you know you can't beat them, does that really mean you are supposed to stay with them? Speaking of Shane West, I find his brooding face to be very similar to Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. And his gravelly voice to be like, well, every male character on a CW genre show! Just saying...

Ok. That's it. Next week, the DVR explodes, as will my blog! Can't wait! Already in love with Boardwalk Empire. Looking forward to hearing what you guys all think!

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Katie said...

Bonnie on TVD is sooooo annoying! She totally contributes to Vampire Caroline (who I LOVE!) but thinks she's all high and mighty! I love Damon, he is probably my favorite on the show. I like when he volunteered Stefan for the arm wrestling and also the forest animals comments!

I will be really mad if they kill Ben Mercer on Covert Affairs already! I love Annie and Auggie's relationship. They are cute together. He is protective but in a "not going to drive her nuts" kind of way.

I like Hellcats. Im loving Psycho Derek on this show. He's adorable when he's not some lunatic. I love Ashley Tisdale. I don't really care about the cheer coach/team doc/football coach triangle.

I think its in all CW contracts for male stars of shows to speak in low gravelly voices and be able to brood. I can't wait for SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!

I like Shaun Sipos on LUX better than Mr. Fitz on PLL. That's just me tho. He's cute. Who is this Julia person? A family member? Old girlfriend? Interesting.

OTH: SERIOUSLY??? Nate better find them. He has to! It would be ridiculous for us to believe they could sit there for days. The timeline is just weird. Haley has blonde hair all of a sudden? Brooke had time to go to the salon too? I get that there may have been time but they don't indicate how much has gone by. Also, she is writing to Lucas...maybe a visit from Lucas and P. Sawyer is in the works?!?!?

I hope they go in the right direction for Season 4 of True Blood or I will not be happy.

Yay a blog!