Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week in Review: 9/19-9/25 (Part 1)

Welcome to the official start of the fall season! Since I watch approximately 387532 shows (give or take a few) I've decided to try splitting up my blog. This one will have what I watched Sunday - Tuesday, and then this weekend I'll cover Wednesday-Friday. Or that is the plan. I don't always watch when shows are on, so if your favorite Sunday - Tuesday shows don't make it into this blog and you know I watch them, look for them this weekend.

I'm very excited about quite a few of the new shows, and very happy with many returning favorites as well, so enough chit chat, and let the celebration begin! [throws confetti and then curses because remembered there is no maid]

BOARDWALK EMPIRE: I'm in. I was in after the first 10 minutes. No, scratch that. I was in 10 minutes before the show started while watching the pre-show. This is the show that replaces The Sopranos. True Blood is completely fabulous, but it is camp and The Sopranos was definitely not camp. This show is also not camp. Even if I hadn't known Scorsese was directing I would have been able to tell. It was perfection, and the montage at the end (specifically the shot of the guy at the record player) was classic Marty Scorsese. Love. Buscemi is more than I could have hoped for, but the highlights to me are Stephen Graham as Al Capone (GREAT introduction to that character, by the way!) and Eddie, Nucky's butler or whatever, made me laugh everytime he was on screen. A great way to break the tension going on in a lot of the scenes. Although Nucky is pretty funny himself, of course. I can't wait to see where it goes. Oh, and really glad the wife beater got it in the end. That guy as disgusting.

MAD MEN: Oh, Mrs. Blackenship, we were just getting to really appreciate you. And then you died. But thankfully that didn't mean the laughter had to stop. As always, Joan stepped up to the plate and helped take care of things, because like Don said, "I'd have my secretary do it, but she's dead." Fabulous. When Joan wasn't busy helping take care of Don's dead secretary, she was getting mugged and then having sex with Roger in an alley (as you do). But she came to her senses (or not) the next day when she pointed out they were both married and that it just wasn't going to happen for them. The episode was titled, The Beautiful Girls, as in those that surround Don. That was really highlighted this with the Sally running away storyline. As Peggy, Joan, Megan and Faye all took turns helping out with Sally we saw how much support Don actually has around him. Unfortunately, Don doesn't always see it or appreciate it. But as all the woman stood in the doorway around Don as he brought Sally out to the ever clueless Betty, I was breathless. Despite the issues, these women have become his family.

CHUCK: HURRAY! Chuck is back!! Over the summer Chuck and Morgan have been on a world wide secret (expensive) mission to find Chuck's mom, who at the end of last season we discovered was a spy. Of course, it just leads them back to LA, much to the dismay of Morgan who has been in charge of the financials. Chuck has also been keeping this mission a secret from Sarah, to avoid having her worry. Meanwhile Sarah and Casey have been on the hunt for this week's big bad, Dolph Lundgren (looking fab for being 110) and that has put a strain on their relationship. But don't worry - Josh Schwartz has told us Chuck and Sarah fans have nothing to fear. The general is eager to have Chuck back as a spy, so she sabotages all his interviews, and rebuilds the Buy More as a CIA cover where we meet the awesomely pretty, Greta, played this week by Olivia Munn. This week, at least. So Chuck is back to spy-hood. Of course both Sarah/Casey and Chuck/Morgan follow leads (to Dolph and Mom, respectively) that take them to Russia - by choice or kidnapping. Chuck saves the day with his ass-kicking intersect skills and everyone is happy. Well, Ellie won't be when she finds out Chuck is a spy again, but besides that... Best of all, I'm happy. Because this show is rocking. And because Linda Hamilton still kicks ass (or at least I think it's her. Hard to tell through the soft focus)

THE EVENT: The pacing of the show may have give me a little bit of a headache, but I like it. Josh Ritter is fantastic. I'm going to enjoy him as the hero of the show. I'm also looking forward to how they play Scott Patterson's character after he went to crash a plane into the president's Miami party. And where did that plane go, by the way? Was Benjamin Linus turning a big wheel at the bottom of a well somewhere? But apparently these questions are already answered by the next episode, so I'm not too worried about having to ask these questions for a long time. One thing I will say for this show, they do know how to build suspense. I almost died when the little girl was grabbed outside her house! (Speaking of that whole family a few little tidbits - Scott Patterson and Josh Ritter have both played love interests to Lauren Graham (Scott on Gilmore Girls and Josh on Parenthood). And the actress who plays Scott's wife, Julia Campbell, played Trinity's wife on Dexter and her daughter on Dexter was played by Vanessa Marano who played April, Scott's daughter on Gilmore Girls. Get all that? No? Doesn't matter, just something that I found amusing and no one else in the world would).

HOUSE: So, we've got Huddy for real now. No hallucinations. Although they did give you a scare there for a second when Wilson came knocking on the door. But we all know Huddy is on, for now. But the other big story this week was the exit of Thirteen so she could go play with Cowboys and Aliens (coming soon to a theater near you). She finally got some closure with Foreman, and then a not so unexpected proposition from Chase. Her leaving forced his hand - apparently he was playing a long game. A little disappointed she didn't take him up on it, because, well, he is hot. And there is the accent. Speaking of Chase, my favorite moment of the episode came when he went to tell Cuddy's assistant that he was a neurosurgeon, so the hospital ER wouldn't get shut down. When the assistant said that Cuddy's first instructions were not to believe anything House or his team says, Chase then said, "I'm not a neurosurgeon?" Fantastic. A little sad to read there won't be more of the assistant.

LONE STAR: I'm trying not to get attached because the ratings SUCKED, but I found this show completely charming, as was the lead. I'm interested to see where they want to take it - how long can this guy conceivably lead two lives and con everyone without being found out? But I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not going to get to find out... and if I don't, someone please snatch up James Wolk quick. Perhaps as Kyle Chandler's brother in something?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: SO excited this show is back, and already better than last season. What we learned: Marshall tells WAY too much to his dad. Lily is scared she won't be able to have kids and therefore disappoint an already very invested Marshall. Robin has not taken the break up with Don well. But cleans up real nice! Ted remembers that Cindy's (Rachel Bilson) roommate just may be (is!!!) the one. But that wasn't the chic in the bar - that girl, as it turns out, was Cindy's one. Ted is so awful, he turned poor Cindy! LOL. And Barney, well Barney still wants to find his dad. And thinks Robin is really hot. Speaking of..... Are we all on the same page about what was happening in the flashforward at the end of the show??? We are right?? If you aren't on the same page, then get on it, because I'm right. I know I am. Seriously, I have confirmation. My reaction: SQUEE.

GOSSIP GIRL: One word: Swoooooon. Ok, more than one word? Chuck Bass, you heart breaking bastard. The scene towards the end of the episode literally broke my heart. I'm a big Chuck/Blair fan, however I know they need to not be together right now. But let me put down the wonderful words of the end of the conversation, just because I rewound and watched it like 5 times, (partially because that dress was super fab):
Blair: I don't love you anymore. But it takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf.
Chuck: Your world would be easier if I didn't come back.
Blair: That's true..... But it wouldn't be my world without you in it.

Sigh... Anyway, there was more than just these two. (And thankfully Chuck went back to being Chuck at the end). Dan still doesn't realize that Georgina is gone, but is back with Vanessa thanks to a nudge from Nate and his new girl. Poor Serena, left out again because she took too long to decide. Best line of the night goes to the super fab (and shady!) Katie Cassidy: "The life of Serena Van Der Woodsen is like the most complicated Jane Austen novel ever." Yes, yes it is. And really, we wouldn't want it any other way.

90210: Man, these kids are effed up. I really don't have anything else to say. :)

CASTLE: My Nathan Fillion is back on TV and all is right in the world. Well not really, since Castle didn't call his buddies at the precinct and they are none too happy about it. But charming as he is, he gets back into their good graces by helping solve the case. Even more adorable than how obviously hurt Beckett was by not hearing from Castle, was the damper it put on the bromance with Ryan and Esposito. I especially enjoyed the moment when Beckett and Castle, once again, said "I know who the killer is" in unison. The look on Beckett's face said she was a little sorry she let him back in, but knew it would happen. And the look on Castle's face was, well, charming, of course. A little arrogant, because he knew he would win this game, but also a little relieved because even if he is back with his ex wife, we all know Beckett is his girl. By the way - I'm a little too in love with Fillion to ever judge this show objectively. Thought I should finally admit that now that we are into season 3.

HAWAII 5-0: Are you done humming the theme song yet? No? That's ok neither am I. But I despite the new constant soundtrack in my head, I looooove this show. So much fun. The chemistry between all four main characters is really great, especially between Alex O'Laughlin as McGarrett and Scott Caan as Danno. It's key these two play well together on screen, and thankfully they did. Scott is especially funny. But my favorite part was, of course, James Marsters as Spike, I mean, I honestly don't remember because I kept calling him Spike in my head. And then when he fought with McGarrett, I will admit to being just a little disappointed because Spike would have totally kicked Mick St. John's ass in a vampire battle! Yes, I did think about this during their fight scene. Yes, I realize that is sad. Whatever. Point is, I liked the show. Isn't that enough for you??

GLEE: Oh sweet Glee, I am so happy you are back. Have I mentioned that? Because I really really missed you. And I was so not disappointed. Every musical number was great. Even the rapping for Empire State of Mind didn't upset me too much! Speaking of, can not tell you how much I enjoyed the meta moment when "Jew Fro" (what is his name? I never remember) asked Mr. Shue how he felt about everyone on the blogs hating his rapping. Dear Ryan Murphy and Matthew Morrison, thank you thank you thank you for having a sense of humor!! So let's see. Tina is now with Mike Chang (and his abs). Poor Artie. Finn and Rachel are still together, and somehow Finn is okay with that. Quinn is thin again, and with the loss of baby weight, her head-cheerleader-ness returns. Santana ain't happy about it. Brittany spent the summer in the sewers? And there is a new football coach - Ms. Bieste. Love her! But it's about the songs right? Love the new guy. (The exchange about balls in his mouth almost made me pee my pants). And then there is Sunshine. Wowza. If you youtube Charice, you will see that she is famous for singing Listen from Dreamgirls. And I can see why. When Amber Riley sang And I'm Telling You my reaction was, that was amazing, but Jennifer Hudson was better. As far as Charice/Beyonce, they are tied, in my opinion. That was insane. And Finn's face as he realized what it was doing to Rachel was classic. Rachel was at a new low this episode, and I hope they make her likeable by next week, because I love her. But as far as I'm concerned she made up for it with her rendition of What I Did For Love. Soooo fantastic. And used in the correct context! Hurray!!

ONE TREE HILL: Well, Hallelujah, Haley was smart enough to look INSIDE the house when she hadn't heard from Quinn. Take note, Nathan! During the episode Quinn and Clay are in some sort of limbo and Clay says Quinn needs to go, with the promise that he will wake up too. Let me say this: if he doesn't, I'm going to be really pissed. Why? Can't these people have a moment of normal? Seriously. Tree Hill is a scary ass town. But when i wasn't cursing the producers, I was laughing at the always adorable Jamie who said that Mia and Chase tried to kidnap him. Love that kid. Speaking of Chase: really?? Alex?? Really? You always seemed like a good kid with a head on your shoulders but the cherry stem in a knot thing was enough for you? Really?? I'm not sure I like you anymore. My thoughts on all of these things are reserved for next week. (BTW: Mouth and Millie again, huh? Ok then...)

LIFE UNEXPECTED: In student and teacher love connection 2.0, teacher is coming off way better than one Mr. Fitz. First, Mr. Daniels doesn't make goo goo eyes everytime Lux walks into a room. In fact he very convincingly acts as if she is nothing but another student. However when he realizes he almost took an apartment where he would be living with her part time, he didn't take it, making her think there is something there. He denies it, but of course, when Lux uses her sad face he eventually admits he totally thinks she is hot and they had a "moment." Not sure where this show is going to go with it. It's not as campy as Pretty Little Liars, so I don't think they will be making out in his car in the rain in the next episode, but who knows. Meanwhile, another Buffy alum is on TV and it brings me so much joy! Baze got a job working for his dad's company, but more specifically, working for Emma, played by the oh so awesome Emma Caulfield (Anya on Buffy). And soon I think Emma and Baze will be doing more than working together if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Alrighty, that is what I've watched so far from the Sunday-Tuesday field. Whatever I missed should hopefully make it into the blog this weekend. Enjoy! Comment! Avoid telling me I watch too much TV! (I know already)


Katie said...

You watch too much...ooops nevermind.

Hawaii 5-0: I totally said outloud to Steve, "Spike would have kicked his ass". Im now humming the theme song. Loved the episode!

Glee: Loved Rachel's number at the end. She was a complete bitch though. Not liking that side of her. Seemed out of character a little, I know she is a diva but that was extreme. I am soooooo excited for the Britney/Brittany episode next week.

LUX: I really think Shaun Sipos is pretty. That's all.

OTH: Thank god Haley realized the window was open and not supposed to be! I love the Jamie parts and Brulian wanting Jamie. I like the dynamic between Julian and Jamie, they are adorable together. Clay better freaking wake the hell up! I think Nathan is going to donate a kidney or something and that's what the preview that he has a basketball related decision to make.....

Love the blog!

Annette said...

I'm just catching up on my shows that I DVR'd and wanted to comment on The Event. I thought it was okay. I like Josh Ritter and I was totally excited to see Scott Patterson in it (and also loved picking up on the Lauren Graham connection). I am not thrilled that we have another plotline about a mysterious disappearance of a plane full of passengers though. Regardless, I'll watch for a few more weeks to see how it moves forward.