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Week in Review: 8/22-8/28 (And the Emmys!)

Hi friends! So, from this point on I'm probably just going to be doing Week in Reviews. Though I will try to get a special blog in for the season finale of True Blood. (Guess what... I don't think Eric dies!) And yes, I know this one is super late. BUT the Emmys and school starting sort of threw off my schedule. Anywho, let's get to it.

MAD MEN: The very start of the episode was Don Draper's assistant doing a crossword. Rubicon has me thinking she is going to find some sort of crazy code and then kill herself. Which Don would probably be ok with since she is the worst assistant ever. This episode had my jaw on the floor the entire time. Between the horrible parenting of Betty Draper and Rogers horrible reaction to the Japanese owners of the Honda Corporation, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Although that is not to say there weren't some laughs. One was unintentional- Patricia Bethune as Sally's therapist? Bon Temps's local drunk, Jane Bodehouse, should not be around children, let alone providing them therapy! This exchange was an intentional laugh, and one of my favorites of the week:

Honda guy (in japanese, while looking at Jane's breasts): How does she not fall over?
Jane: Not very subtle are they?
Japanese translator (looking at Jane's breasts): No they aren't.

DROP DEAD DIVA: This week the two cases were the "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" storyline and a guy so depressed his wife died he dresses like a clown. You read that right. Let's go with case one. Doesn't matter the details, all you need to know is that it was a re-do of the 2004 ABC Family movie "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks" starring Jason Preistly, Emma Caulfield and BRADLEY COOPER! Why ABC Family does not re-air this all the time is beyond me. Anywho... the first case dealt with that but had Camielle Gauty in Emma's role, Matt Letsher in Bradleys and (gag) Jake Pavelka in Jason's role aka The Bachelor role. Quite a stretch. The clown in the other case was played by Barry Watson (7th Heaven, What About Brian?). I love Barry Watson, so glad to see him, but wish we actually saw him. The storyline was sweet. This show is good at that- cheesy yet sweet.

LEVERAGE: While I enjoy this show, especially Christian Kane, I usually find it kinda silly. However, this week's episode where they one by one explained how they did (or actually) didn't steal a dagger five years ago was very clever. I did see the "twist" that they were all in each other's backstory from the first time Sophie went through the scenario. And I knew who was going to be which character - Parker is always the caterer, Eliot is always the guy in the glasses, etc. But it was a fun episode to watch. And I think we all knew where it was going (Nathan did it!) but I enjoyed the ride more than usual.

SECRET LIFE... : The week before this episode, at the very end it was revealed that everyone forgot Amy's birthday while she was in NYC. It was the very last moment of the show, so I was mad because how can they have a show that star's Molly Ringwald and do the "forgotten birthday" story without acknowledging that connection. Thankfully, at the start of this episode when Ricky let's everyone know they forgot Molly's character says this, "It is a big deal! Everyone forgot my sixteenth birthday and it stayed with me my whole life." Literally the best thing ever on this series. It can't be topped.

WHITE COLLAR: Tiffani Theissen without a green screen! Hallelujah!!! I squeal in delight! This was another great episode, especially because of all the Moz fun. Like learning one of his hideouts is named Tuesday because he goes there on Wednesdays. Classic. I'm glad they are putting Moz more in the fold instead of just keeping him in Neal's apartment.

COVERT AFFAIRS: LOVED this Auggie-centric episode. Christopher Gorham is great on this show, and I'm glad we got to see a little bit more about his character. It seems to me that the show will eventually go the Auggie-Annie love connection route, but I'm glad that they are taking the long way around to get there. In the meantime, I am enjoying their very innocent flirting and Annie's flirtation with Jai. I'm interested to see where the game Auggie is playing with the reporter goes. Seems like someone is going to get hurt!

FLIPPING OUT: Love the chic that owns Casa Verde. Just have to say that. Although how much are those margaritas?!?! Insane. Speaking of insane, that house in NorCal?? Jeez! That place was unbelievable.

MEMPHIS BEAT: Already the season finale? Really? The opening of the episode showed Dwight having a dream within a dream.... hmmmmm..... was his idea to take another look at the case of the missing girl Inception??? Did the top stop spinning? HA! Speaking of the dream- what is with the strange sexual tension that is going on with Dwight and Lt. Rice? Am I the only one picking up on that? It's freaking me out. Make it stop.

PSYCH: Kevin Alejandro is dreamy......

BURN NOTICE: How did this episode not begin by everyone saying "I told you so!" to Michael about keeping the truth from Jesse. I'm glad he knows and I'm glad that Fiona and Mom had a chance to try to talk some sense into him. Not that it will do Michael any good now that he is dying on the side of the road after Jesse shot him (to save him) and then Michael flipped the car he was in with Robert Patrick. It's not looking good for him. Except for the fact that Jeffrey Donovan is the star of the show and also a producer, so I'm thinking he will survive....

ROYAL PAINS: Finally the truth about Eddie R. Lawson is revealed: he is trying to get out of his own troubles with the DEA by getting evidence against Boris. That bastard!! Eddie is a pain in the ass and Boris, for all his faults, is a good man. But at least Boris knows that Hank and Evan weren't in on it, thanks to Rena Sofer. But now what? And what up with Divya and the hot super awesome photographer guy? She can't leave and go to London with Raj, so I hope this is what keeps her around.

That's it for the week, but let's talk Emmy's for a minute.  Jimmy Fallon did a great job! Especially that opening number! Even if it did have Kate Gosselin in it. But Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Lea Michelle, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Joel McHale, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Jorge Garcia and Nina Dobrev more than make up for her. If you didn't see it, please check it out:


Also fantastic: Ricky Gervais. I almost peed my pants. You MUST watch this! He gave out two award, but you have to watch both (go ahead and skip the awards part if you want. But now when he announces):

But they also gave out some awards, so I suppose I'll talk about that now. But not all of them, because that is just craziness. In general- pretty happy with them. Good for Temple Grandin except I thought that the ones it was up opposite The Pacific, The Pacific should have won. But oh well - I'm biased anyway. And hurray for Top Chef finally beating The Amazing Race. Although, SYTYCD should have been up. Anyway, on to the ones we care about! I split it up comedy/drama.


Support Actor: Eric Stonestreet got this one. I know we were all pulling for NPH, and I really wish he had won. However, in this category, as long as it wasn't Jon Cryer, I was happy. I LOVE Modern Family. LOVE IT, and I think Eric is genius on it, so it was a well deserved win. But next year, for the love of God, give it to NPH.

Support Actress: Jane Lynch. If it hadn't been Jane Lynch I would have given up television. That is how sure I was it would be her. It was ridiculous that there were even other nominees. Just plain silly. Sue Sylvester is the greatest character on TV, and we all know it. And if you don't well.... I'm just sorry for you.

Actor: Jim Parsons! BAZINGA! Joel McHale should have been up, but he wasn't so we will move on. I think that Jim does an amazing job with Sheldon. A lot of Sheldon is in the delivery, not just what is on the page. He could be such an awful character to watch, but he is fantastic, and I was very happy with this win. And NO TONY SHALOUB! Woot!

Actress: Edie Falco. And here is where the Comedy category lost me. I don't watch Nurse Jackie, but I have seen bits and pieces. Is she the funniest/best comediec actress on right now? Nope. Now, I think Courteney Cox should have been up for Cougar Town. And Busy Phillips, in support now that I mention it. But as for who was up, give it to Amy Poehler. She is the heart and soul of Park and Rec, and show that got so much better this season there aren't words. Or Lea Michelle - the girl works her ass off on Glee. Sigh...

Comedy: Modern Family. We all knew it came down to two nominees, Glee or Modern Family. I'm not suprised this is the way it turned out. The Emmy voters are old fashioned and would go with the the more conventional comedy of the two. However I do not think that is a negative. They are both equally deserving in my book. Two of my favorites of last season. And unless one of the new comedies really stands out this year (I'm thinking not so much) these two will be right back at the top of the list next year. But hey, Emmy voters, why don't you knock Curb and Office off that list and make room for more deserving shows like Community and Cougar Town. Just saying...


Support Actor: Aaron Paul. Here's my thing with this one.  He may very well deserve this (many, many critics had him as their pick) however I have not seen much of Breaking Bad and I don't think it's really my thing. BUT I have agreed to get it on Netflix and check the first season out. EVERYONE I trust in the TV world loves it, and who am I to say they are wrong without giving it a chance myself? Soooo... I reserve judgement on this one. However, if I had to choose, it would have been John Slattery for Mad Men all the way!

Support Actress: Archie Punjabi.  GO KALINDA!!! If you read my "returning favorites" blog you will know that I am completely happy with this win. I LOVE Kalinda. BUT I would have been equally happy with ANY of the nominees and this is the only category I can say that. Ellen Byrne on Damages has grown into an amazing actress. Christine Baranski is genius as always on Good Wife. Elisabeth Moss has gone through so many changes on Mad Men and done them all so well. Sharon Gless is the highlight of every episode of Burn Notice. And Christina Hendricks... well if it had to go to someone else I guess I wish it was her. Christina and her character Joan Holloway are they greatest thing on TV. Love love love Joan. But, sooo happy for Archie!!

Actor: Bryan Cranston. You know all that crap I said about Aaron Paul. It doesn't count here. Three years in a row is way too many. And Kyle Chandler, Jon Hamm and Hugh Laurie are Emmyless? And Matthew Fox and Michael C Hall are equally deserving this past year as those three. I am sure Bryan is fantastic on Breaking Bad, obviously. But give it too another guy. Kyle and Jon are perfection each and every week. Give them the award!!

Actress: Kyra Sedgwick.  She is a lovely woman. I think she is great. I really really do. But she should not have won. For the love of all that is holy, it should have been Connie Britton. Hands Down. No Question. My heart breaks she didn't win.

(Speaking of all this Friday Night Lights love - check it out starting on Tuesdays on ABC Family next week! From the beginning!! It's SOOOO good!!)

Drama: Mad Men. I'm torn here. I think that last season was possibly the best yet for Mad Men, so I'm not sad to see it recognized. However I don't think it should win three years in a row. I think there should be a two year limit. My choice: LOST. If not just for the amazing final season but for the series as a whole. If not, The Good Wife, just for being so very good. Actually my real choice: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! WATCH IT!!!!!!  DO IT!!!!  CLEAR EYES! FULL HEARTS! CAN'T LOSE!! (sigh......)

So there it is. Sorry it wasn't more. But do comment away and I will try to comment back!!

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