Thursday, August 12, 2010

SYTYCD: Performance Finale

Eek!! It's finally here! I will say that I'm genuinely happy no matter who wins. I may have a favorite (Hi Kent!) but the top three really are the top 3, if we ignore the fact that Alex should be there.  And we will ignore it because it's not fair to the other three. Alright, enough chit chat.... Let's get to the show.

(But first, flashback through the season! I want to rewatch so many of these dances. Thankfully Kelli is here and missed some dances over the past few weeks so I may have to show her! Darn...)

KENT- Allstar: Lauren. Choreo: Nakul Dev Mahaan. Style: Bollywood. Not always a fan of Bollywood, but it's ard not to be a fan of these two. My fav current contestant and one of my fav past dancers. But it we are going techincally, I think that this could have been done a lot better. Especially if Kent didn't almost drop Lauren at the end. Mia called it Kentish, which it was, if we all can agree one what Kentish means. And I'm sure we do.

LAUREN- Allstar: Twitch. Choreo: NappyTabs. Style: HipHop. Love the campaign commericals in the rehersals. That was a fun routine. I think that was the best dance with a girl for Twitch (not counting Katee in Mercy) since Kherrington. They did a very strong dance. Occassionally they were a little off, but overall it was a solid hip hop routine for her and I am proud that sweet little Lauren just pulled that off. (And amen to what Mia said - NappyTabs have been insane this season!!)

ROBERT- Allstar: Mark. Choreo: Tyce DiOrio. Style: Jazz. First of all this being done to Whip It, so it's got to be fun, right? I've been saying Robert will be the new Mark all season, so having these two dance together is awesome. And I can barely tell who is who, which that is the biggest compliment I can give Robert, I think. So happy he is in the finale to dance this. Cat Deely just did her Adam Ant impersonation which I think will be the winner of most bizzare thing to happen on this episode. Nevermind... Adam just said he was going to throw up in happiness. These guys are whack.

Ok..... my favorite moment of the season: Cat making kissy noises about Kent's kiss with Lauren. And then saying how he stayed in character which he responded with this witty remark, "You know what they say about great actors.............." with no finish. Awesome.

 LAUREN & ROBERT. Choreo: Dee Casprey. Style: Contemporary. I'm hoping Robert doesn' try to smother Lauren with the pillow. There are lots of witness Robert. I'm not sure I totally understood the routine, however but I thought it was a beautiful routine nontheless. And it was danced gorgeously. That jump into the pillow was awesome and scary. I thought he was going to drop her. (Kelli said I'm such a mom) Not about the dance: I want Mia to come up with some new adjectives before next summer if she comes back as a judge.

LAUREN (again!) & KENT. Choreo: Mandy Moore. Style: Jazz. I love that no one will ever let the fact that Kent kissed Lauren go. Ever. Seriously, I think we will be talking about this during season 10! There are lots of "Kent Faces" happening, but it's a Huey Lewis number, so it seems hard to avoid, doesn't it? That was a really cute routine. It wasn't the best ever, especially compared to the other things we have seen tonight. I think as far as cute routines go, Billy's converse routine was better. Also, Mia just freaked me out with the glasses! I thought I was going crazy and she had been wearing them the whole time. Don't do that Mia. I'm already losing my mind without your help!

KENT: Allstar: Alison. Choreo: Stacey Tookey. Style: Contemporary. There is always that contemporary routine that is moving in a way that really effects the dancer, and this was it for Kent, finally. He was so moved that he literally lost himself in it. He is amazing and even Mia loves him, because she has been his harshest critic. And then Adam just blew a gasket over the fact that Kent is now an artist. I want to hug Kent, sad face Kent is making me sad. Love it.  And I love that Alison is so there for him right now.

Lauren! (Notice Kent's sad face went away when we started talking about the prom dance again??) She is impossibly cute. I hate it. Or love it. Whatever

ROBERT. Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Spencer Liff. Style: Broadway.  I love when Robert makes the shock face! When he broke the chair - too funny! Great routine. Every move was very strong and sharp which was important for the dance to work. HAA! Robert's ripped pants (and his subsequent face when showing it off to the audience) made me giggle. This was another really solid routine. I'm feeling like this blog is really boring this week because it's just me saying "great routine" over and over again. Sigh....

LAUREN. Allstar: Pasha. Choreo: Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin. Style: ChaCha. Being the only girl left in the competition for awhile now, Laruen has had the chance to dance with Pasha several times. I really don't think Lauren is upset about it. That was a really well danced routine. It is hard to look bad when Pasha is on the floor. Of course it is hard to notice anyone else when Pasha is basically shirtless as well..... Anywho.... I think that it's hard to say anything bad about Lauren anymore. She is very confident. And Mia just said if she was still dancing she would want to dance like Lauren. Can't top that.

ROBERT & KENT.Choreo: Ummmm. I missed it. They are pretty Latino names. Sorry. Style: Malevos. The boy/boy routine have been some of my favoite this season, so I'm excited. It's a little hard because Robert looks so much manlier than Kent, who is very much a little boy still. However, dancewise, they were both very strong. They are great. I really have nothing more to say.

Like the judges, it's just a big lovefest for me tonight. I wish this could be a threeway tie. I have never had a season finale like this. In previous seasons, I have had finales where I thought one person should have one. Or alternately, that one person should absolutely not win. But this year - just perfection across the board. Best final group ever, and they are the youngest!!

Who is your favorite? Do you care who wins? What dances are you hoping to see tomorrow? Have you heard who is replacing Alex in the the Twitch routine? If not I won't spoil.

Comment away, people!!

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