Monday, August 9, 2010

TRUE BLOOD: Night on the Sun

I'm sorry for the lapse in True Blood blogs! But I am back!! How great is this season? I will say the only issue I am having is my own problem- I know what is coming up (generally) with some of characters and I am just so anxious for the storylines to catch up to what I know is about to happen!! Especially Jason and Sookie (in regards to the "what is she" arc, which is not actually in the book).

But nevermind where we are going, let's go over what happened last night.

Let's start with those who were essentially on their own tonight. First up, Arlene. Arlene is another example of how the books occasionally interfere with how I interpret the characters on TV. Or at least create an argument in my head in how I feel about a character. In the books I really really don't like Arlene, however, in no small part to Carrie Preston, I find Arlene hysterical on the show. She can be awful, but she cracks me up, which is why I felt so bad when she dreamt about Rene. It is bad enough the girl is pregnant with a killer's baby, does she really need the guilty dreams. Although I dread the day that Terry founds out. We also saw that Arlene helped to hire a new waitress, Holly, who I can asure you, like everyone else in Bon Temps, is more than she seems. And thankfully Arlene has already forbidden Sam from sleeping her. Good call!

Lafayette had his hands busy with his mom, Rose, who snuck out of the institution to protect her son from the Vampires and Witches. Of course this means that Lafayette gets a visit from Rose's caretaker, Jesus. Last time these two were together Jesus discovered part of Lafayette's income comes from the sale of drugs. Color Jesus disappointed. But nothing brings two people together like a stressful situation, and Mom on the run is one of them. So thankfully these two are back together now. You may not have protected him from Vamps, Rose, but at least you provided an excuse for Jesus to come visit. Well done! Thought on Jesus --- he spent some time talking about Lafayette's "aura" and "power." Maybe he has something in common with Holly?? Book readers?? It sure would help to weave Jesus/Lafayette into season 4's inevitable storyline if they are both (PLEASE!) still around.

Jason is awful mad at Bill (I know... I'm out of order here but this is still the easiest way to blog this show! You all know why he is mad, we will get there soon) and Sookie doesn't seem to want to punish Bill, so Jason breaks out some of his Fellowship of the Sun souvenirs. But before he can make use of them there is a frantic knock on the door. It's Crystal, soaking wet. She swam to Jason's to escape her now ex-finace who beat her. Jason of course makes Crystal "his girl," you know, by sleeping with her. And then goes to Hotshot to tell her father, Calvin Norris, to back the eff off. Oh Jason.... if only you knew.

Sam is busy dealing with Tommy. He sent away Melinda, and has Tommy still working at Merlottes. And while he seems glad to help his younger brother out, I think that he is realizing quickly that Tommy may be even more trouble that he anticipated. And Tommy is trying to keep Hoyt and Jessica apart, which is just plain wrong, dammit. Sam also has a run in with Calvin, who is on the hunt for Crystal, and Tommy and Sam smell something about him..... duh.

Speaking of Jessica, she is more than happy to see Bill come home. Except when he tries to release her from him.... then she freaks. She is just a baby vamp and needs some training. Boy does he give it to her. But more on that in a minute.

Meanwhile in Mississippi, Russell moved the Queen into the mansion, much to Talbot's chagrin. But Russell made quite clear how important Talbot was to him, in front of Eric which is going to turn out to be a big mistake. Russell also dealt with a very upset Debbie Pelt who wanted to take revenge on Sookie and Alcide for killing Coot (RIP Coot). Eric reminded the king just how important our Miss Stackhouse is, so while Russell gives Debbie the go ahead to "play" with Sookie, he agrees not to kill her. (more later on this part of the story) When Russell goes off to deal with Sookie, Eric agrees to entertain Talbot. Said entertainment includes a game of chess (Eric wins), some kissy time with a shirtless Eric (woo), and then Eric staking Talbot in the back. (I had so many inapporpriate jokes to make at this, but I really just can't do it in the blog. However those who know me best are sure to be able to fill in the proverbial blanks here) Russell feels this and flies back from Sookies house - just in the nick of time, as it turns out. More on that in a minute as well.

Let's get back to the start of the episode. Sookie has just woken up from a dream/vision where she met Claudine, her.... well, I won't spoil Claudine's identity. But I will say she is not a one episode character. Claudine told Sookie to stay away from Bill because he will steal her light. (Like the island?? Is Bill the smoke monster?? Is Sookie Jacob?? Sigh.... I'm still mourning LOST.) When Sookie woke up and saw Bill she screamed her Sookie scream. Tara, Jason and Alcide all but staked Bill right there, but Sookie wanted to talk to him, and Lafayette, the voice of reason, told them if that is what she wants she should be able to talk to him. So Bill and Sookie break up because they realize they just can't work out and will only bring misery to each other. Sad face/bloody tears. Everyone has the "good riddance" attitude about it, especially Tara and Jason. Tara even calls her a stupid bitch if she goes back to Bill. Oh Tara, you have such a way with words. (I didn't mention Tara... not much happened to her other than reacting to Bill/Sookie.  Oh, and you know, having sex dreams about Franklin. Whoops!) Alcide has to leave Sookie, for now. But they have a moment before he leaves. (Alcide is another example of loving the show more than the book. Joe Manganiello is yum!) Sookie is on her own, waiting for the inevitable arrival of Russell. But before he comes she gets a visit from cousin Hadley who tells her that Eric said not to trust Bill. And she almost escapes Sookie's house without saying anything else, but that pesky brain of her thought about telling Eric "what Sookie is." Sookie is interested to know!! But before she can deal with that, she needs to deal with the werewolves that are invading her house. Luckily Bill and newly trained Jessica are there to help. They take the weres, but that leaves Debbie to fight Sookie. I was nervous Debbie would die here, because I think it is muy importante that Alan Ball leaves Debbie's story arc intact. (Agreed, book readers?) And thankfully she made it out alive, but with a mighty large cut on her face thanks to Sook. Before Russell can kill Jessica/take Sookie he flies off (thanks, Eric!) and Jess runs after a were (she gets him. You go girl). Then Bill and Sookie make like Buffy and Spike and have the ultra violent make up sex. Thankfully no head turning a la Lorena. Or house destroying a la Buffy and Spike. Of course the house is once again destroyed, so who can tell.

Oh... my favorite line of the week was Jason to his own subconscious: "Don't think, Brain"  Jason, you are all kinds of dumb. And I love you for it.

Next week..... madness!! Duh!

What say you, Trubies? Another wonderful week? Or disappointed? Comment away!

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