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Another week, another round of craziness on True Blood.  Several things have been revealed this week, so let's get to it. Despite the many reveals, this is gonna be short this week. Sorry for the rushed blog, but I am exhausted for no apparent reason and having trouble focusing. That won't make for a quality blog! :)

"I'm a faery? How fucking lame." Yes, Sookie, you are a faery. And yes, I am spelling that correctly. Fairy is Tinkerbell. Faery is what Sookie is. Look it up. Bill tells Sook that she is a faery, but even though Vampires are drawn to faeries like crazy (and apparently are the cause of the faery population's demise) he says he loves her for her mind, heart and soul. And her delicious, delicious blood. Well, he didn't say that laset bit out loud, but I'm betting he was thinking it. After Eric is done taking care of his will, in which he leaves everything to Pam (much to his exotic dancer's chagrin) he stops by Jason's house (where Bill and Sookie are) to say bye. And to make sure Bill is keeping Sookie up to date on what she is. Sookie tells Eric to go away, but makes the sad face when he basically says he is going to die. Tara and Jason come home and are none too happy to see Bill, but Jason agrees to protect Sookie when Bill goes to sleep during the day. Tara breaks down after the whole "Jason killing Franklin" thing. She tells Sookie all vamps are evil and tells her what Franklin did. Jason tells Sook about killing Eggs, and she tells him to tell Tara. So he goes to check on Tara, she thanks him for saving her, kisses him, goes to run off and THEN Jason decides to tell her about Eggs. Smooth as always Jay. Tara runs off. Somewhere in there Sookie also had a dream about Eric, which she knew was a dream. He told her not to trust Bill, and that it wasn't the dream telling her this, but her survival instinct. Sookie also left the house when Jason was with Tara. Silly Sookie.

Before we get to the end of Sook's story this week let's take a look at what happend with all the smaller story lines. Holly reveals she is a wiccan. Arlene tells Terry she is pregnant with Rene's baby, not his. But Terry wants to raise it anyway. So Arlene asks Holly about those other ways you can "not be pregnant." Instead of taking Calvin Norris to the hospital, Lafayette gives him V. Cal is none too happy about it and shows it by calling Lafayette and Jesus a not so nice word and smacking Crystal. Crystal says she is not going back to Hotshot to "mate" with Felton but Calvin says Jason will never accept her if he finds out what she is. Well, I guess we are going to find out, because later in the episode (after Jason tells Bill that Sook ran off) he hears something in his bedrooms and finds a panther. That turns into Crystal. Surprise!! Also, Lafayette and Jesus do some V together and go on a crazy trip down ancestor lane. We find out they both come from a long line of those who dabble is voodoo. Interesting..... Sam used to rob places and then was conned by some chic and her boyfriend. So he killed him. (Though said chic was played by the actress who was Lindsay, Dean's wife in Gilmore Girls. I hated her, so not so sad to see her die. HA!) Russell has gone waaaayyyy off the deep end and hired a male-prostitute (Navid from 90210!!) that looked like Talbot just to kill him and recreated Talbot's death. You know- so he could be there this time. That's not crazy at all! And in the best news: Hoyt tells Jess he loves her after breaking it off with Summer. Jessica doesn't respond at first, so Hoyt leaves. Tommy follows and Hoyt punches him so Tommy goes all Pit Bull and attacks. Jess throws the dog (not knowing its Tommy) and gives Hoyt her blood to heal him. Woo!

ANYWHO..... Faery Sookie goes to see Eric and be all "what the eff is going on?" And he says Russell is going to kill him and it would be nice if he could kiss her first. He said it better. It was swoon-worthy. But silly Pam interrupted it with  "blah blah vampire emergency blah." Oh Pam! She tells Eric he really ought to sacrifice Sookie to Russell to show his face. Eric says he will not send Sookie to her death (he says she is important and all that, but it's cuz he loooooves her. teehee). So Pam says, well then at least use her as bait, you bastard. You did it for Godric, do it for yourself. So he throws Sookie over his shoulder and locks her in the basement where Lafayette was. Charming, Eric. Really charming.

Next week: More Craziness!!

So what did you all think? Sorry for the crap blog this week. There was a lot of good stuff though! Panthers! Faeries! Killing! Oh My!

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