Thursday, August 5, 2010

SYTYCD: Top 4 perform

Ok, I have a confession to make. I voted a bunch last night even though I'm just watching this in the morning. I want Robert and Kent to make the finals. Plus I have read an endless amount of praise for Kent's routine that Travis choreographed. I am beyond excited to see that one. One of the press people who were at the taping said they told Kent it made them cry and he hugged her. I want a hug from Kent. He's adorable.  I have endless love for that kid. Anywhoooooo........  I suppose I should talk about the actual episode. Whatever.

OOOO!!! Tyce DiOrio is a guest judge. I hope he snaps and says something ridiculous.  Of course he will. See! He just did, right off the bat.

First up we have a group Broadway number with Tyce as Choreo. I think this is the youngest group ever. At least in behavoir. These kids are nutty. I think this was inevitably going to be a Lauren showcase. As the only girl, she kind of had to be the focus in some respect, right? But like Tyce just said, I think Kent did the best.(Side note: the costume designer just won an emmy, and while sometimes I think she is on crack, this number shows why she won. The polka dot theme is adorable. It effectively pulls together all four outfits without being overwhelming.  And that concludes my Nina Garcia moment for the day.)

LAUREN: Allstar: Pasha. Choreo: Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. Style: Argentinian Tango. Ahhhh..... Pasha. Oh, Lauren is here too.  Just kidding. She is doing really well at the whole sexy seduction thing. I almost forget she is 18. That was my favorite Tango, I think. Somewhere Anya is jealous. I love that Lauren can do that dance and then giggle like the 18 year old she is. (Adam just asked Nigel to marry him. Awesome.)

Okay- I've always thought that Lauren seems a little Buffy-esque.  (Specifically season 1&2 when Buffy was still in HS and wanting to be about boys and giggling) And then they were just showing Lauren's old audition footage from when she was in high school... and their mascot is a demon. Hmmmmmm.....

ADECHIKE. Allstar: Lauren. Choreo: Sean Cheesman. Style: African Dance. Again, Lauren the Allstar in all styles! Lauren's hair is very Captain Jack Sparrow in this number.  And why is Adechike wearing a shrug?  I have no idea what the judges are about to say, but I'm not totally digging on this routine. I think that it was sort of meh. It was danced fine. (Great by Lauren, ok by Adechike) Not that I wish bad things for Adechike (OK... I do want him to be voted off tonight, but I think he is a lovely boy) but I am glad I'm not alone in not loving this routine. Off-topic, slightly... Does anyone else think that Lauren is the Grace to Tyce's Will?

ROBERT. Allstar: Anya. Choreo: Jonathan Roberts. Style: Vienesse Waltz. If Anya is saying that this choreo is difficult, that is saying something. The photoshop of Robert's crazy face on Pasha's body may be my favorite thing all season. I love Robert. (Emily is watching with me and she just said, "Where is Kent? I want to see Kent dance." That's my girl. But she did just say she likes this guy and Anya is super pretty.) Robert did a really great job. You can see how he has gotten used to the frame you need to have for ballroom. And he is pretty.  Super pretty. We need to move on.

Hey! Robert lives with Channing. She was really good and voted off too soon. Hey, we are still talking about Robert. He is still pretty. Seriously, guys.  Cut to commercial. Ah! He just gave Travis a shout out. Sigh.....

KENT. Allstar: Courtney. Choreo: Doriana Sanchez. Style: Disco. Kent just said that Disco is a lot of shiny clothes. Kent just said Studio 54 is a rehersal space. AHAHAHAHA! What a goober. I think Courtney is going to have a concussion. OOOOO Court's hair is super fab. Considering Kent has more energy than anyone in the world, I almost thought that was a slightly slow disco. But, as Kent said, he isn't big. Sweet boy. And I agree with Cat, that last lift gave me a heart attack.

I want to adopt Kent. And if I can't adopt him, can I please have even a fraction of his energy. Seriously. Is there a more genuine person??

LAUREN. Allstar: Ade. Choreo: Sean Cheesman. Style: Jazz. Another seduction piece for Lauren. Holy shiz, what is she wearing?? Her father must be having a heart attack. While I don't think this will be a routine a remember for a long time (except maybe the crazy outfit) I do think it was really well danced and well choreographed. Tyce is snapping.  And Adam is now saying he wants to hire her. (He is going to be directing an episode of Glee in the first half of the season.  I would look for this HS age girl to possibly be a dancer in the episode. Just saying....)

ADECHIKE. Allstar: Kathryn. Choreo: Dwight Rohden & Desmond Richardson. Style: I missed the style. It seems to be contemporary mix.  Maybe it is because my kids were fighting through the whole thing but that seemed really long. Again it was a great routine that was danced OK, but not great by Adechike. Let me just say now, if the top 3 includes Adechike, I'm gonna be annoyed. Not because he isn't talented, but because he is not as versatile and talented as the other 3.

ROBERT: Allstar: Dominic. Choreo: Tabitha and Napoleon. Style: Hip Hop.  Uh oh, clowns. Scary. Seriously. Super creepy. If Robert isn't in the top I'm gonna be so mad! Look at him! Viennese Walt and Hip Hop!! And both done really well! I like how Dom seemed unsure if he was going on tour. Like Nigel just asked for the first time now! What a weirdo. This was a very fun routine and Robert did so great! He was very Mark-esque.

KENT: Allstar: Neil. Choreo: Travis. Style: Contemporaray. I'm so excited right now. Wow....... That was an amazing piece. Somehow Travis knows how to create pieces that transcend the competition.  And Neil and Kent are amazing together. They should dance all the time. Between the baseball routine and that, there is no question of their chemistry together. Just gorgeous. I really wish I had someone to go to the tour with me for those two dances alone. If Kent doesn't make it to next week......  well, I think you know how I feel about it. As Tyce says, "Are you kidding me?"

Well..... What did you all think? Who do you want as the top three? What was your favorite routine? Who wants to help me kidnap Kent and Robert? What? Who said that? 

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erin loves dance said...

I heart Kent and Robert, as you know since i made you text me their numbers while I attended a baseball game in san jose, just so i could vote. Robert lives with channing... like they date??? I have not seen the whole show yet, but I have watched the kick off show. Neil and Kent need to do their own show entirely. I adore robert's genuine (seeming) shock that people appreciate what he does. I could not help wishing Russel was there to do the african jazz piece, sadly he would have shown adechike how to do it. I feel bad that I do not love adechike, especially because i do not think they are excessively harsh. So woo woo for the finale!