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Week in Review: 8/8-8/14

I am still catching up on some of last week's shows, but I have seen most, so I'm just going to go ahead and put this together now. I have nothing else very clever to say here, so we will just get to the shows! :)

RUBICON: I'm still interested in this show, but hoping it goes somewhere quickly. One thing that I think makes the show stand out is the conversation style. It is much more natural than most shows. For example, when Will met his brother-in-law, Evan, at the coffee shop, the conversation wasn't forced ahead. There was a lot of silence. And it was only inferred that Evan was in some sort of institution - you had to read between the lines to figure it out. I appreciated this, because in real life the guy who is embarrassed to be in an institution is not going to say it outloud, and neither is his brother-in-law who is already uncomfortable. It gives the show a more original feel.

MAD MEN: I love the original Mrs. Draper, so I was very excited to see her this week. But so sad to hear she was dying. That entire sequence was very beautiful and reminded us that even tho Don can be a bit of a cad, he is a very sweet and caring man as well. I also have to commend the director of the episode for the use of stage lighting to show the progression of night to day when Don was sitting on the living room couch. It was sort of out of place in the series, but yet fit perfectly for the moment. And is there a way that I too can get Jon Hamm to come and paint the rest of the rooms I need painted while wearing only a tshirt and boxers? That would be great! The second half of the episode was something else entirely. While the first half belonged to Don, the second belonged to Lane Pryce. His mix up with Joan was hysterical, and made me love Joan even more. But his night out with an equally depressed Don was so funny that I just spent most of that part of the episode laughing. Especially when Lane stands up in the restuarant and proceeds to place his steak on his crotch. Love it.

ENTOURAGE: Sometimes Ari Gold has a way with words and the episode last week highlighted that with this response to his secretary asking if he wanted to accept any calls: "I don't care if Justin Beiber calls and wants me to negotiate the rights to his viriginity." We got it Ari--- don't interrupt. But the best part of this episode- the return of Billy (William?) Walsh. I think the one thing that will save this "meh" season for me will be if the one who saves the day for Drama and Vince is Billy Walsh. Please let this happen.

MY BOYS: The main theme of the episode was what it means to be a man, so Mike and Kenny decided to create a Man Sack (everyone agreed this name should have been changed) filled with things that are supposed to represent being a man. Things like changing a tire, getting punched, taking a punch. This gag could have gotten old really quick. But it didn't and I wish it could have gone on for another episode! And it is an idea I would love to make a few guys I know do.

SECRET LIFE.....: Remember how I said I love the natural flow of conversations of Rubicon? Well, the antithesis of that is this show. It is awful. Everything is so studdered. And overexplained. I swear that what every the main drama is (for example, not Adrian is pregnant) then it is explained in every single converstation dealing with it. EVERY CONVERSATION that had even a tiny bit to do with that fact has someone saying that Adrian is pregnant, she is keeping the baby and Ben is the father. Good Lord! We know! But the final scene was just Ricky and Amy talking about nothing and I almost rejoiced in the almost natural way that conversation flowed. Maybe the writers will learn from that scene, but I'm guessing not.

COVERT AFFAIRS: This episode was guest stars galore! Eion Bailey came back as the mysterious Ben. I can't wait to learn more about him, and have to say I like him so far. Eriq LaSalle aka Peter Benton as an ex-CIA agent who Annie lures back for a case. Gregory Itzin aka President Charles Logan as Jai's dad. (really?)  I enjoyed this episode because it provided a bit of insight into Jai. Have to say, not hating the guy. And obviously neither is Annie since she keeps flirting with him, but I love that Jai (and Augie) keep pointing that out. But if Ben returns.....?????

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Well, as soon as Ian returned the other week, I was pretty sure he was A. And when he was on this week, and they showed the flashback that revealed just how mad Allison was when she saw Spencer and Ian kissing, it seemed even more clear. My thing is.... he hasn't been back in town the whole time, so someone must be helping him, right? Also excited that Aria and Mr. Fitz are back together. It's so wrong, but I love it. I can not wait for this show to come back. And I'm only a little embarassed to admit it. Oh- and have to steal a line from TV without Pity who asked, "Most importantly, did Chad Lowe make it home ok with his cup of coffee??" HA!

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT: The whole thing with the Beals woman is driving me nuts, so except for the fact that I loved Erik Palladino stood up to her, we are going to forget about that. Instead lets focus on Payton. She took ballet classes from Finola Hughes!! For my GH-ers, that's Anna Devane Scorpio!! LOVE! What I didn't love - the fact that Payson is obviously falling in love with Coach Sasha. Someone put a stop to this before it gets any more awkward please!

FLIPPING OUT: I love this show. And I love Jeff Lewis. Yes, he can be a total ass, but let's be honest, the people who work for him are only half competent anyway. I'm also glad to see he is doing better after the whole Ryan thing. I always like Ryan, so I didn't want to believe he knowingly wronged Jeff, but the evidence sure points that way, and if what Jeff says is true about clients calling him with stories about it, well... I guess he is better off. Can't wait to see what shenanigans they deal with this season. Especially Jett and Zoila, my favorite TV Odd Couple.

WHITE COLLAR: OOoooooo..... Hilarie Burton is not P. Sawyer anymore! She is sassy insurance lady. Who else thinks she was watching Rene Russo in Thomas Crown Affair before filming? Because her relationship with Neal is so that movie! I really enjoyed this episode, once again. Hilarie was great and I hope she is back soon. They sure made it out like she would be since she is now in possession of the black box recording from Kate's plane.

LOUIE: The six funniest words in the English language are now "I thought she was with you." Don't believe me? Watch this clip.

PSYCH: Did you see all those pretty cars??  Ooooo... so pretty. Also pretty? Adam Rodriguez, the guy we all knew did it. But boy did they give the guy a good entrance! However I almost missed it because I was still laughing about Shawn's name for Gus this week: MC Clap Your Handz (with a Z). Best one in awhile.

SYTYCD: In case you hadn't heard: Lauren won. Good for her. She is the most deserving girl so far in a long time. Afterwards Lauren and Kent were bombarded my the "are you dating?" questions, which they both answered with the standard "we are close friends" response. However Kent did say that he hopes they do the prom dance on tour because that is 40 cities, which means 40 kisses. Oh Kent...... And if you haven't seen it, and why haven't you, here is Ellen recreating the unforgettable Twitch/Alex routine. But the best part to me - was Ellen's enrance that recreated the Twitch/Katee Mercy routine!

PROJECT RUNWAY: Casanova should have been out. I'm sorry. But that was just ridiculous. Also, I hate Gretchen. But oddly, really enjoy her friend Valerie. Hmmm....

AUSTIN & SANTINO: I love this show so much. I think it shows just how lovely these two men really are. If Santino has a publicist, he is doing cartwheels over this show. They genuinely seem to care for the woman they are making a dress for and her family. They also don't let the fact that they are surrounded by a bunch of ignorant hillbillies hold them back. I assume it is because the camera crew is made up of big burly men who would go to bat  for A&S if the homophobes in the south ever gave them trouble.

ROYAL PAINS: Why aren't we all more concerned about the fact that dad was copying Boris's signature?!?!?!?!?!?!? Kevin and I were practically throwing things at Hank when he let this go with his dad. Hey Hank- using the letterhead for party invites is not an excuse to be copying the signature!!!! But Boris seems to be on to Eddie, so fingers crossed it works out in a way that doesn't hurt Hank or Evan too bad. Speaking of Evan, really glad Paige showed up at the end with the rest of the Hamptons! Poor Evan is inevitably about to get his heart broken (again) by his father, he doesn't need it broken by the girl too!

Ok.... that's it this week. Comment away, friends! Fall season starts in a little over a month, so I will try to get a "Fall Preview" blog out for that. I'll include the highlights of the new season - what I will be watching, what I won't, and what you all should try.

Also, this next semester has a fairly intense workload, so I will do my best to keep up on the blogs. But I apologize in advance if I don't do much more than week in reviews!

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