Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in Review: 8/15-8/21

Well, the husband's in the shower, so let's see if I can bust out a quick Week in Review before he comes out for our Sunday night of Rubicon and True Blood. Shouldn't be too hard to accomplish since we are quickly approaching that lull in TV Land between Summer series ending and Fall series starting....

MAD MEN: Another week, another beautiful episode of this show. I think my favorite part of the season has been the connection between Don and Peggy. They often don't say much to each other besides things realted to work, and yet it is obvious that they have a relationship that goes beyond that advertising world. And I in no way mean sexually, as Peggy made abundently clearly to the quickly unraveling Allison, Don's secretary. My favorite Don/Peggy moments this week were Don watching Peggy play with the wedding ring she was holding and trying it on. And then Peggy watching Don through the windows above the partition between their offices after Allison had a hissy fit in Don's office. Don isn't the only one that Peggy has an "other than business" relationship with - this week we revisited her relationship with Pete after it was revealed that Trudy (I heart you, Alison Brie!) is "with child." Of course we know that Pete already has a kid - with Peggy. Their relationship is fascinating, and I hope we see more of it. Peggy has started hanging out with a new crown (including a probably lesbian girl who works in the building) and Pete is hanging with the "boys club" of old men. Love the dynamic. Ok... went on about that ep enough! But before I go on, the best exchange on TV all week:

Peggy: I have a boyfriend.
New Girl (sorry, forget her name): He doesn't own your vagina.
Peggy: No. But he's renting it.

ENTOURAGE: Billy Walsh, please save the day! Vince is a crazy cocaine addict now!! HELP! And Ari, oh poor Ari. Worked so hard to make things right with Lizzie (I'll miss you, Autumn Reeser!) just to get totally screwed over anyway. I have a feeling Mrs. Ari was not too happy!

MY BOYS: This is probably one of the funniest shows none of you seem to be watching. It's just a really great, and I hate to use this word, sitcom. One of my favorite bits this week was PJ discovering the guys like to read Bulge Magazine. To show that it has class, Brendan pointed out that they gave The Hurt Locker "Three Thumbs Up" until PJ pointed out "those aren't thumbs." Ew.

SECRET LIFE...: Awwww..... Amy had a Sixteen Candles moment. Everyone forgot her birthday. But I will say that I liked that they didn't even let us know either. It made the end more interesting. I'm not sure what happened on this show, but I used to think Ben was sweet. Now I just want to smack him across his punk face. Ricky all the way!

RIZZOLI & ISLES: If you didn't know it was Missi Pyle and Brenda Strong when the show started, you haven't been paying attention to this series so far. What do I mean? It doesn't matter how many guest stars you have on the episode, the most famous one is always the killer. (Brian Dennehy! Mark Paul Gosselar!) Two famous faces? Then they are probably working together. But the episode was still cute. As was Antonio Sabato Jr, even if I would have killed him if I was Rizzoli. I miss Donnie Whalberg!

COVERT AFFAIRS: Hurray! Anne Dudek is back. But the poor girl is dealing with a husband who appears to be unfaithful. Of course he isn't, he is just unemployed. Sucks, but glad for Annie's sister that he's still a relatively good guy. That was just the side story this week, the real story focused on Lauren Holly (looking almost unrecognizeable. Hey Lauren's plastic surgeon - learn when to say no!), Anna Camp (Mrs. Sarah Newlin!!) and D.W. Moffett (who wasn't actually the real bad guy, but thanks to Friday Night Lights, I couldn't help but hate). Once again the writers allowed Annie to be both badass, but still learning. It's a fine line, and I have to say it is probably the thing the show does best. Still loving this series, and glad to hear it was picked up for a second season! Can always count on USA for some fun.

WHITE COLLAR: Speaking of USA fun, this was another fun episode, in no small part to the return of Hilarie Burton as insurance investigator, Sarah Ellis. I really hope they bring her back because I think she brings a fun dynamic to the show. I also enjoyed John Laroquette being especially skeevy this week. Really? Scamming adoptive parents and keeping their kids from them? That's just wrong. But I loved how Peter and Neal used that to get everyone to help them, whether or not they wanted to. Even the mob boss thought it was wrong! Fantastic. (Almost completely unrelated side note: Ever since I found out that Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been together for awhile and have a baby together I thought it was kinda weird. Then I realized they were both technically part of The CW family, and it all made sense. That network is like a matchmaking service!)

DARK BLUE: I think this show has gotten better this season. I enjoy that Tricia Helfer's presence has made Carter more accessible. I also love Dean. His character is basically if Tre (his character from The OC) hadn't gone to prison, but instead got into law enforcement. I like when he gets more focus. But I really do like all the characters. And I try not to hold it against Jamie that the actress playing tried to kill Sam and Dean Winchester on many occassions.

ROYAL PAINS: Are we supposed to be liking Emily Peck?? Are we really????? Because I hate her. HATE. HER. I don't get what is happening. And is the actress playing Divya really leaving?? Better not! Based on the previews for next week it looks like the guy she was flirty with from a couple weeks ago may be coming back, so that may throw a wrench in her wedding plans. Hmmm... Also... SO glad that Evan is starting to question what Dad is up to. I hope Boris takes him down. Dad is awful. Really looking forward to next week's summer finale!

BURN NOTICE: Episode was good, but all that really matter was the last 3 mintues, right?? Really hoping Jesse finds a way to forgive Michael and be part of the team again because I really like him and want him to be around some more. He's technically listed as a series regular, so I'm optimistic that will be the outcome of next week's finale.

Ok.... that's it. Next week is the finale for quite a few shows, so I will be discussing that. I will also try to get that fall preview blog out within the next week or so! There will probably be two - one for returning shows and one for new stuff.

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Katie said...

I thought that was Lauren Holly on Covert Affairs but then thought it couldnt be cause she looked sooooooooo different!!!!

All roads lead to Supernatural so I can see your point about the girl on Dark Blue.

Everytime I see Hilarie Burton I think of JDM...I kinda wanted to smack her on White Collar until this weeks episode.

Yay a blog!!!

Erin lags said...

I suck, I haven't had much tv time lately, so I am behind on evberything we mutually watch- boo on me. I will check back though when I get it together and see what I thought about your observations. Love you!