Monday, February 7, 2011

Week in Review: 1/30-2/5

Well, this is a day late because I had such a busy weekend! Sick kid, Legally Blonde, Super Bowl! But here is a look at some of the highlights of last week. (Side note: I am still catching up on some of the shows from last week. So if you think something was extra super awesome and I didn't include it, there is a pretty good chance I just haven't watched it yet!)

DOWNTON ABBEY: Alright, admit it. You are sick of me pushing the Masterpiece shows on you. But I have to because they are amazing. Over the past month Masterpiece Classic on PBS has aired Downton Abbey, a mini-series that originally aired on BBC back in jolly ol' England last year. It was one of the greatest 6 hours of programming I have ever sat through. Sometimes I think that those "takes place in a big castle with lots of rich people" movies can be a bit stuffy (though I always still like them) but this was not stuffy in the slightest. It looked like a period peice but the storylines played out like a CW drama. Backstabbing, sex, death, cover-ups, angsty love - all of it is there. I honestly can't recommend it highly enough. And you may be saying, "Oh well, it's already aired. Sorry Melissa." But that's not an excuse - it's already on DVD. Don't want to buy it? Request it at your local library. Librarians love this kind of stuff! But please watch it and tell me if you do! Join me on being Team Bates. And even better! They are starting production on season 2 next month!! So catch up before it airs on PBS next January.

BEING HUMAN: This show is simply a lot of fun. The characters are all interesting. Least intersting to me is Sally, the ghost. She just seems kind of whiny. But I'm hoping her new abilities give her character a boost. She does have great interaction with Aiden and Josh though, and I love her more when they are in the room. Josh is by far my favorite character. I'm not sure where the show is ultimately heading - is there a big bad? Besides the always delightful Mark Pelligrino, of course. Is there going to be more mythology? Because if it is just "we are going to be found out" drama every week, it could get old. But as for now, I'm on board.

COUGAR TOWN: Excuse me while I drown my sorrows in a Big Carl size glass of wine. My favorite friends on the Cul de Sac crew are going away for 10 whole weeks (!!!) while Courteney Cox's former TV hubby, Matthew Perry takes her time slot with his show, Mr. Sunshine. More on that next week. For now, let us bask in the funny that was Cougar Town's Valentine's Day episode. If Jules and Grayson ever broke up I think I would liquify. They are beyond adorable. Besides I appreciate a guy that deals with the crazy because, hello, look at me! While I thought the Love and Anger circles were hysterical, and very Scrubs-esque (always a good thing), my favorite moment lies with Ellie and her disgust with the neighbors that still have their Christmas decorations up on February 14th. I second your call for their death, Ellie. It's just plain lazy. Although this a comedy, so there can't be a killing spree. Instead just a glorious bonfire in the street made up of everyone's decorations. A beautiful image to hold me over for the next ten week. (sob)

PARENTHOOD: I'm not sure if it is just me, but I find Kristina to be the most unlikeable character on almost any TV show. She is just a completely self-righteous pain in the ass. Just when I start to think she isn't so bad, BAM, she does something obnoxious again. How does the completely loveable and adorable Peter Krause aka Adam stay married to that woman? I get being stressed out about your teenage daughter's love life. I get being afraid she is going to get hurt. But she CAN NOT LIVE IN A BUBBLE! Your kid will never learn if you don't let them make at least one mistake. And this mistake, if it is one, is hers to make. Let it go. Even your husband isn't siding with you anymore. Goodness. And putting that picture of the family in the suitcase you bring Haddie... well, Amber put it best, "Ew. So manipulative." Rant over.

THE OFFICE: I haven't watched most of NBC comedy this week. But I did watch this. While I haven't been loving this show as much recently (WHERE THE EFF IS JIM?!) I do love Michael and Holly. And the gag of having Holly do everything Michael did without even trying is perfection. Everyone knows they are soulmates, and that bit was a beautiful way of solidfying that. Even shockingly hateful Erin had to smile at them kissing on the roof. (Apparently the roof is where all sweet moments happen on The Office)

SUPERNATURAL: Ok, let me get this out......SAAAAAMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!! Ahem. Sorry. After the first half of the season it was just so wonderful to see Sammy walk into the room and give his big brother a hug. I got a little misty. Also, somehow having his little brother back made Dean even cuter. And funnier - see the "sword in the stone" scene. Still laughing over that one. Also funny - Dean reading the girls diary. Or it is creepy if you are Sammy. Despite Dean not wanting Sam to find out what happened over the past year and a half, Castiel ends up telling him. Really need to make sure everyone gets that memo, Dean. So now we need to worry about that wall Death put up. But in the mean time, I'm just enjoying having my boys back together. (Bobby, get over it!) And now we have a new Buffy-esque Big Bad: Mother. And boy, does she seem scary. Lillith, who?? And one last side note: why is the "obviously not really a virgin character" was named Melissa? Really?? Sigh.....

Alright.... what did you love this week. Yes, I know, Community. I'm going to watch it right now, okay?? What else? What are you looking forward to this week? Valentine's Glee is tomorrow! Blaine and Kurt forever.....

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Where is Bones on this review damnit said...

I only watched The Office in common with you, but I agree, this season has been a bit dull. I dislike both Erin and Gabe, so generally anything with them annoys me. I do have to say the group making fun of Gabe via the cartoon was quite funny. I cannot wait for Holly and Michael to figure it out.... why is she hesitating?!?!