Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ABC Upfront: Fall Pilot Preview

There a few new series on ABC I have been very excited to see previews for, so I was very happy this morning to finally see these videos. Sad news to come out of this mornings upfronts: Cougar Town on hold til midseason. Boooo. I'll be consoling myself in a Big Carl. While I do that, let's take a look at the new shows ABC has to offer this year.


Charlie's Angels
Well, this clip shows exactly what you'd expect - girls in tight clothes/skimpy attitude kicking butt and spouting slightly cheesy dialogue. I'm cautiously optimistic for this one. I adore Minka Kelly and the other two girls I've liked in some things too. But it is on opposite The Vampire Diaries, so it will be a DVR show, for sure.

Last Man Standing
I think Tim Allen can be funny. Especially in kids movies - this clip package even manages to work in a Toy Story reference to remind us of that. But this show just comes off as fairly chauvinistic. And more importantly, unfunny. So it's a no for me.

Man Up
I am not sure what in this clip was supposed to make me laugh. But none of it did, soooooo.... again, no. I don't even really know what it is about. Sigh.... (at least ABC still has comedies on the air I enjoy, right?)

Once Upon a Time
This is one I've been very excited for. I love the mix of mythology, fairy tales, fantasy. All of it. Plus it has some great writers on board. The cast is fun (Jennifer Morrison on a show where she will be used appropriately?). And it just seems new and exciting. I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

Pam Am
This series is another Mad Men-esque series, in that it takes place in that same time period. It looks visually stunning, and I'm not just talking about the very pretty faces in the cast. I think it looks like it could be really great. There is intrigue, romance, humor. It is one I wasn't sure about from the description but I'm more sold on now that I've seen the preview.

I adore Emily Van Camp and her ridiculously long eyelashes. Not really a fan of Madeline Stowe though, but since she is the villain, I guess that is okay. This show looks like it could be one of those one-season mysteries that never goes beyond the season (Point Pleasant, Harper's Island) but that isn't necessarily a bad thing for me. If it is good and lasts, great. If it only goes a season, it looks like it will be a good ride.

Two things immediately wrong with this show. 1- In order to keep your kid from having sex you move to the suburbs? Really?? Have you been to the suburbs? 2- The father of the teenager girl is played by Jeremy Sisto. JEREMY SISTO??? Ummmmm...... How old am I??? Sigh. Anyway, it looks okay. But there is no laugh track, so bonus points!


Apartment 23
Yes. Yes! James Van Der Beek (as himself) and Krysten Ritter. Snarky snarky fun! I like it. I have nothing more to say.

Good Christian Belles
Oh I get it, ABC is deciding to hold off all the funny until midseason! Okay. This one has Chenoweth (!!) and a bunch of other awesome people. But really, after Cheno, what do you need to hear? Oh and the last exchange between Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts - so very very very true. I know from experience.

The River
Someone hold me. Just the trailer alone creeped me out! But man, does it look good. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it alone in the dark, (Just kidding, I KNOW I won't) but I definitely want to watch it. Plus it is another Spielberg outing. That guy must really hate being at home! He has 89479 movies/tv shows coming out this year.

Can't tell too much from the clip. But the cast is quality. And it's Shonda Rhimes - but not doctors! I always give anything Shonda a try though. So why not this one. Plus I can hope Henry Ian Cusick calls someone "Brotha." It will make the whole show worth it.

Work It
I'm thinking they must be kidding with this. I'm waiting for Ashton to announce this is the start of Punk'd coming back.

Soooo.... this one has barely shot anything yet, so the clip package is minimal. So minimal that Ashley Judd is only in it as a narrator. The footage appears to only be of the stunt doubles. While it sounds like it could be good, I think I'll wait to see something real before I actually make any judgments.

Alright, tell me what you think!!

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Katie said...

I like "Charlie's Angels". Looks like its worth a shot. I'm glad your included preview has scenes with Minka Kelly. The one I saw didn't and I really like her.

I like "Last Man Standing". I will at least give it a shot. I like Tim Allen. "Home Improvement" still cracks me up so his point of view in this might turn out to be funny. Plus, I like Nancy Travis.

"Man Up" didn't look like it was interesting. I don't know what it's about and the preview I saw wasn't anything to write home about. Plus, the video for "Man Up" is the same as "Work It" on your blog (FYI)...

"Once Upon a Time" looks very very cool. I really hope it does well! Something about Jennifer Morrison as a blonde has never sat right with me though, and I know she has been a blonde for a while but still. Plus the guy who plays Prince Charming looks cute.

"Pan Am" is something I might check out eventually. I don't watch "Mad Men" so I might not be the best judge.

"Revenge" looks interesting. I always think Madeline Stowe should be a villian. Hey look!, its Riley! I like that Emily Van Camp is playing such a sly character. I see your point about it being a one season mystery.

I wish Jeremy Sisto had more to do than star in "Suburgatory". I like Jeremy Sisto. I will give this a few episodes and see...

Yes to "Apartment 23" if only because I love James Van Der Beek (possibly) acting like douchy JVDB. Hopefully that makes sense.

"Good Christian Belles" looks like its worth a shot only because of Cheno!!!!!!

"The River" gave me chills. Looks like a SyFy show or what "Invasion" (do you remember that show?) wanted to be. Looks very cool. I love that you already know not to watch it alone in the dark.

"Scandel" looks interesting. Will probably give it a shot only cause I love Desmond. I miss him.

I don't have words for "Work It". Wait, maybe some words along the lines of bad Bossom Buddies...?

I will also hold judgement until a better preview of "Missing". Ashley Judd is a little crazy I think but can't hurt to see what it could be.

Those are my thoughts on ABC shows. Man, how many more upfronts are there? When do we get to see the SMG pilot on the CW!!!????