Monday, May 16, 2011

FOX Upfront: Fall Pilot Previews

Fox was up next at the upfronts today, debuting their new shows for the fall and mid-season. Some look like a lot of fun. Plus they are sticking with what they know - Another Deschanel sister, another Hart Hanson (Bones spin-off), another JJ Abrams vehichle. If it ain't broke, right? I left out the X-Factor, because, really... do you not understand what that is? Besides a season long Simon and Paula reunion special, of course.


Terra Nova:
For the second year in a row, Terra Nova is on the Fox pilot list. But for real this time, it is going to be on TV! It has Jason O'Mara, the bad guy from Avatar and Dinosaurs! Can it really go wrong? Well, sure. But DINOSAURS! Sigh... I'm so a sucker for genre.

The New Girl
Look how cute Zooey Deschanel is! That is basically what I have taken away from this preview. Other things: DEPUTY LEO!! (I love Max Greenfield). And they are going to have to reshoot basically this entire pilot because Damon Wayans Jr is still on Happy Endings (yay!) so look for a new roommate. But I think it looks cute and sweet and I'm interested to see where it goes beyond the pilot.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter
Yeah.... I'm not too impressed by this. I just found most of it annoying. I like Jamie Pressley, and that guy from Desperate Housewives. But nothing in this really stood out.

Allen Gregory
Do you like the Fox animated comedy block? Well then check out this new addition. I think it looks amusing, but I don't normally watch those shows. I think they are funny and often check them out in syndication, so I guess we will see if this one gets that far.


Well, if there is a Bad Robot logo, I'm in. That's all it takes, to be honest. I will follow those Bad Robot people anywhere. Literally. I stalk them. So let's see.... JJ Abrams + Jorge Garcia saying the name Jack + references to "the island" + heavy mythology? Ummmm.... Yeah I'm so there. Let's hope Vincent the dog shows up at some point. And in non-LOST news, Parminder Nagra and Sam Neill are great!!

The Finder
I enjoyed the backdoor pilot that aired during Bones a few weeks back, so I will be watching this one while Emily is on her maternity leave. Just in case you didn't see the episode, here is the clip package Fox put together for today's panel made up of scenes from the Bones episode. (PS Saffron Burrows character was not well recieved and she was conspicuously missing today. Not sure if she'll be making it on to the actual show).

Napoleon Dynamite
It's the movie in cartoon form with the voices of the original cast. So there you go.... Not sure if you need anymore information than that! And if that isn't enough for you..... well, you guys are idiots. :)

So there you have it! Let me know what looks good to you and which you are already sick of hearing about. 

More tomorrow!

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Katie said...

I reallllly want "Terra Nova" to be cool and be good. Its supposed to be HUGE so hopefully it does well. I will def give it a shot.

I am iffy about "The New Girl". I find Zooey Deschanel strange (Maybe that is part of her appeal?) Probably give it a shot.

I actually thought "I Hate My Teeange Daughter" was funny. I will def DVR it.

"Alcatraz" looks cool. I will give it a shot.

"The Finder" looks fun. I recognize the one chick as Sarah's spy friend from "chuck"! I don't watch "Bones" but I think this is cool.

I'm not really into any of the animated stuff.

Glad to know your blog thoughts on all these shows. Saves us dozens upon dozens of text messages! :)