Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CBS Upfronts: Fall Pilot Previews

So today CBS announced their new line-up. Hey guess what? There are some new cop procedurals to take the place of any they got rid of. I may die of shock. After The Good Wife, I take more of a look at the new stuff CBS has to offer because sometimes it isn't for 60+ people anymore. There isn't a lot on here - they already had a pretty full schedule and didn't make a lot of room for new stuff. There is also only one midseason premiere listed - The 2-2 (a cop procedural!!) which didn't have a clip package. BTW - say the name out loud. Pretty funny name for a serious cop show. 

Alright, let's take a look.

A Gifted Man

Patrick Wilson!! But he doesn't have his shirt off once in this clip package... Boo! I'm sure he will at some point though, so best to tune in. This one seems to be filling the void that Medium and Ghost Whisperer have left - a person who sees someone who is dead. Based on the clips, it is just the one dead person, but who knows where it is going. I may have to give it a shot on Patrick Wilson alone. He is fantastical in every way. Also: Julie Benz.

How to be a Gentleman

Not sure about this one. It looks like if they don't fall into a repetitive joke and allow the characters some growth this could be fun. The cast is full of wonderfully funny people, especially Dave Foley and Rhys Darby. But sometimes I find CBS allows some of their comedies to remain very broad jokes with little movement, and this has the ability to fall into that trap easily. I want the people on it to succeed, so even if I don't watch, I hope it does well.

Person of Interest

Let's see... this show is produced by JJ Abrams (win!), it is written by Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan's brother and writing partner (win!), and it stars James Caviezel and Michael Emerson (double win!). The concept seems interesting - plenty of room for an underlying mythology but allowing the viewer to focus on a "case of the week." Plus Benjamin Linus talking about special numbers warms my heart that is still very much grieving for LOST. I will be checking this one out for sure.

Two Broke Girls

For those of you who pay attention to my Facebook, you know I have a massive girl crush on Kat Dennings. So obviously, this show has a big plus right off the bat. I think the preview looks okay. Again, like I've mentioned for MANY of the comedies over the past few days, if it can get past the broad strokes in the premiere, it has potential. And for the record - broad strokes in a premiere is not a bad thing. Go rewatch the series premiere of Friends. Ain't exactly the best thing ever. BROAD comedy. So I'll try this one. Again... Kat Dennings.


I really like Poppy Montgomery. I didn't watch her on Without A Trace because, well, like I've mentioned, I don't really get into the CBS crime procedurals. At all. NCSI Cold Case NY Miami Vegas. Whatever. Not for me. Sorry. But she was in a Lifetime movie I loved. HA! And she has her red hair back. Now, am I going to watch this one? Meh... I don't know. It seems interesting, but I don't know how many more crime dramas I can take on. I will probably give it a try for an episode or two, but if I don't LOVE it.....

And that's it. Thanks CBS for having so few! Tomorrow..... expect me to squeal because CW is up. That's right - Rachel Bilson, Gale Harold and SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR each have a pilot. Get. Ready.

Let me know what you think......

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