Thursday, June 17, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 11 Perform

Ok, I'm going to try blogging this show for real. But here's how it is going to work. I will blog the performance shows, but the results shows will just be part of my week in review blog. I will do my best to get this blog out on Thursdays, but the July 7th show, I can tell you now, won't get blogged since I will be at an airport wen it airs. I'm going to watch it when I get back.
Now that we got that business out of the way, on to last nights show. First things first - What in the hell was up with the camera work? Awful. Just awful. They couldn't even get all the intros right! Someone really hates Ashley! But technical difficulties that come along with the first live performance show aside, it was a good episode. (By the way, it really is the FIRST live performance show. Previous to this season, performance shows taped Mondays, aired Tuesdays with results live on Wednesdays.) I will say this now - a guy will win this season. In fact, if I was one of the guy allstars, I would start booking gigs soon, because girls are getting voted off first!

On to the performances:

BILLY: Allstar- Lauren, Choreo- Tyce, Style- Broadway. Billy danced to Footloose and looked the part - spikey hair and lanky body in tight pants just like Kevin Bacon! Hurray 80s! I think it will be hard for any guy to look bad with Lauren as a partner. She is probably one of the more successful former sytycd-ers and has a lot of charisma. Thankfully, this dance played just as well with the "friend" vibe vs the "girlfriend" vibe, because all I got was friends. Billy was great, but I was a little surprised he was saying it was difficult to be so outside his comfort zone. Really? This isn't HipHop, Billy!!

CHRISTINA: Allstar- Mark, Choreo- Sonya, Style- Contemporary. The judges were really impressed, but I wasn't nearly as much as they were. They thought she held her own and didn't seem like a Salsa dancer. Honestly, all I saw was Mark. I when I did try to concentrate on her, I thought she seemed uncomfortable. But I like her, so if the judges remarks keep her safe another week, that is good I guess.

JOSE: Allstar- Comfort, Choreo- Nappytabs, Style - HipHop. The judges can say as much as they want that breaking and hip hop are two different styles, so this was technically a stretch for Jose, but I don't buy it. Last week when he "danced in his own style" he danced a hip hop routine. Yes, I know there is a difference between breaking and hiphop, but let's be honest, this wasn't REALLY a stretch Jose. In fact, of any possible style he could get his first week, this is the one he was hoping for! All that being said, he was good and did a perfectly fine job. I'm just not really judging him until he does something that is really outside his style.

ADECHIKE: Allstar- Kathryn, Choreo- Travis, Style- Jazz. GREAT routine!! Great! Travis, you will never fail me. I think that Kathryn totally outshone Adechike. He was a very good partner for her, and did his job well, but the routine was about her. I'm not blaming Travis (I would never!) but his routine was not going to help Adechike out. At the same time, the routine was so good as a whole, I think it is hard to vote against it.

MELINDA: Allstar- Pasha, Choreo- Tony and Melanie, Style- Jive. I didn't think it was great, but I didn't think it was as bad as the judges. Although, I don't always see some of the technical things they do like her feet. I would bet that Melinda is fairly polarizing amongst viewers, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was in the bottom, like Nigel predicts.

ALEX: Allstar- Allison, Choreo- Sonya, Style- Contemporary. Holy eff. Just wow. Thinking about it makes me misty all over again. First of all, you can't lose if you have Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah as your song. Think of American Idol - has that song ever failed anyone?? No. BUT, if Alex and Allison had danced that routine in total silence it would have been just as powerful. Nigel's face and stunned silence pretty much said it all. There is dancing and then there is dancing, and that was the latter. And as much as Alex and Allison deserve credit and praise for the perfection of that routine, I'm most happy for Sonya because I think she has always felt like the step-child choreographer of the show that didn't really belong. You go and get your Emmy, Sonya. That was brilliance.

ALEXIE: Allstar- Twitch, Choreo- NappyTabs, Style- HipHop. Before we get to the routine, can we talk about how awesome that old 90s footage of Shankman was? So classic. More please, Nigel! My thoughts on Alexie were exactly what the judges said: she is cute. Get the girl a Rumba, Tango or Paso number stat! She needs something where she is forced to be serious and sexy. She is great, I think, but her cuteness is too hard to get past in a routine like the one NappyTabs gave her.

LAUREN: Allstar- Ade, Choreo- Mandy Moore, Style- Pop Jazz. Ummmmm..... was that really weird for anyone else? I kept thinking of other girls I wish were dancing that routine with Ade. Even just cute little blondes that would have played it better. (Randi from season 5 kept popping in my head) She seemed more like a girl in a high school talent show than one performing on the biggest dance contest in America. There shoudl have been sexiness/coyness, but there was just a big goofy smile. Awkward. Oh Lauren, if you make it to next week, please do better. I had such high hopes for you!!

KENT: Allstar- Anya, Choreo- Tony and Melanie, Style- Salsa. Holy crap, I did not stop giggling this entire routine. Even just the rehersal footage was great. The pairing of Anya and Kent is just classic. It's like one of those cheesy movies where some nerdy teen boy turns to a older more experienced woman (a playboy bunny, a hooker - choose your cliche role) to deflower him. He did a really good job keeping up with her though, and Anya is a lot of woman to keep up with on the dance floor. She is amazing, and you could tell she had fun with the little Homecoming King. Was this the best routine of the night (Umm, no... Hi Alex!!) but it was the most fun, hands down. And Kent is beyond adorable - I want to pick him up and take him home with me.

ASHLEY: Allstar- Neil, Choreo- Tyce, Style- Contemporary. First of all, when Ashley did the "What America doesn't know about me" bit I screamed at the television, "WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!" For shame produers, she seems like such a lovely young girl. The routine was very pretty and very well danced. But to be honest, it is in the same show as Sonya's incredibly moving contemporary routine, so it was going to be overshadowed a bit. Again.... poor Ashley!!

ROBERT: Allstar- Courtney, Choreo- Sean Cheesman, Style- African Dance. Love the African Dance routines! They are so much fun. This one was well done. I wish that they could dance together every week. I agree with Nigel that Robert is probably the dark horse in the competition. And the eye candy. The boys are good this season, but Robert is the pretty one, for sure. Hi Robert...... :)

Overall, I think Week 1 went well. Though I always think week 2 is a better judge of how things are going to go. Who do you think will get the boot?

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Erin loves the boys this season said...

I will second your run down- I think we have already texted our comments already. I kinda think they should excuse all the girls already, what is the point? I am touched by the modesty. Just like AI this year, we are not seeing many self inflated egos (and some of these dancers could jusitfy an ego). I think Melinda should have gone home, I felt like she was all cheese and her dancing bothered me. Adam was so Miami Vice- loved it. Kent and Anya were the most entertaining for me- totally Mrs. Robinson and he was going for it. I do not get why Travis (who I love) didn't showcase more Adeckike (sp), as the actual contestant I think he needed a more prominent role- even thought hte whole piece was great. I think Sonya is awesome. Looking forward what it is to come.