Monday, June 14, 2010

TRUE BLOOD: Pack of Wolves

Hallelujah, it is the summer season which means after a loooong 9 months it is finally time for True Blood Season 3 to begin! I can hardly contain my excitement. Unlike the other vampire series, the screen version of the Sookie Stackhouse series far exceeds the the book version. (As opposed to Twilight where the books are way better than the movies, IMHO)

So here we are, ready to find out what happened to Bill and how Bon Temps will recover from the mass hypnosis caused by MaryAnne. Those of us who have read the books have a general idea, but as we all know, Alan Ball takes the series in new and even crazier directions!

Unlike other shows that account for the time off, True Blood always starts at the same moment we left, so in case you forgot: Everyone is getting over MaryAnne, Jason just shot Eggs because he thought Eggs was going to kill Andy, Jessica bit a trucker after getting in a fight with Hoyt, Lafayette is selling V for Eric/Queen SophieAnne and, of course, Bill Compton was kidnapped by someone after proposing to Sookie (who had to go to the bathroom and mull it over).

Things do not start very well this season.... let's take it one story line at a time since they basically do not intersect at all. First there is Tara. She has about lost it. As if dealing with what she did because of MaryAnne, now she has to deal with Eggs dying. She finds out that Sookie helped him remember, which she takes, well, not so great. Lafayette tries to take care of her, but has to work so Tara's mom comes. Once again I praise Alan Ball for not killing Lafayette off after season 1 like the books. Every episode has at least one great moment with that character and this week, it's when he tells Tara's mom that they aren't building a bridge. Is there a worse character than this woman? Using Tara to get her Reverend over to the house? Awful.  Not shockingly the episode ends with Tara trying to end it, locked in the bathroom with a bunch of pills because mom is an incompetent fool. Poor girl.... it's gonna be a rough season, I can tell!

Then there is the new dynamic duo of Jason and Andy. Andy is helping Jason by taking the blame for Eggs's shooting, but Jason still isn't handling it very well. He wants to be a good man now, but Andy says to act normal. AKA be a manwhore. In the wise words of Andy Bellefleur, "Conscience Off, Dick On." Have a great four words ever been uttered? No, I didn't think so. Jason gives it the ol' Jason Stackhouse try, but even a threesome can't help little Jason rise to attention - he just keeps picturing the girls with bulletholes in their heads. I think it's going to be a long road for Jason, but at least he will have his unlikely friend, Andy by his side. And his trusty friend, Hoyt, who no matter what seems to love Jason. How about that scene where Hoyt tries to get Jason to offer to have him stay at his house? Classic!

Eric had some issues this week, or I should say the Queen has some issues and she is making them Eric's problem. Sookie may want Eric to find Bill, and he may help with that (kinda - he's not in any rush to find Bill, for many reasons) but right now his problems lie in the money problems the Queen has created for herself. Maybe it was making that new sun room, or employing all those pretty people to eat from, but she is broke, which is the reason she is having Eric sell V. Problem is the Magistrar is aware of the problem, and thinks it is an inside job. So they need to sell the V and quick, which leads me to.....

Lafayette. Poor boy. As if dealing with Tara and her psychotic break isn't enough, he also has to sell a ridiculous amount of V at half price in 24 hours, as nicely told to him by Pam. His problems have him so out of sorts, he almost forgot how scarred of the Vamps he is, and started to mouth of to her a bit. But don't worry... she put the fear right back in.  Now where is our favorite fry cook (that doesn't reside in Bikini Bottom) going to sell all the V so quick?

Off in Arkansas, Sam Merlotte is in search of his birth parents, who every seems to tell him are pieces of shiz. Yet the hunt continues. He finds his brother who not so convincingly tries to say he is a different Tommy than the one Sam is looking for, but Sam doesn't buy it, and follows Tommy home. Oh, and while on this fun road trip, Sam has some dreams...... about Bill..... and showers......  oh boy.

Jessica meanwhile has to deal with the trucker she bit and the fact he his dying. Oh wait, make that dead and quickly rotting in Bill's sleeping hole. Bill will not be happy when he gets home.

Then there is Sookie and Bill. Sookie is a on a mission to find Bill and trying every resource she can. The police don't care. Kenya thinks he just left because Sookie had to think about his proposal. Bud Dearborn has better things to worry about than a Vampire. Eric says he will look, but Sookie doesn't trust him (I can't imagine why). But when she is with Pam, she discovers that vamps can be "called" by their makers, so she turns to Jessica who takes her to where she was "called" by Bill. Bill, we discover, was kidnapped by the "Pack of Wolves" mentioned in the title. Why and for whom is still unknown. But in their V-induced craziness, Bill manages to crash the car and escape. He finds the home of an old lonely woman, who he feeds on, but then gives her a lot of money and glamours her to believe it was her neglectful son that brought that money. Bill - always a class act, huh? And now that he's fed and strong he goes into the woods..... only to meet back up with that pack of wolves. Cue credits.

It is amazing how much they pack into an hour of programming!! And how many shirtless men! I will try to write a better blog for it next week. Being sick I had a hard enough time concentrating, without taking notes for the blog! (Although naked Eric wakes a girl up....)

What did you all think of the premiere of Season 3? Live up to your fangtastic expectations? For me... it was even better! Can't wait til episode 3, when Alcide shows up!!

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