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Week in Review: 6/6-6/12

We are officially in the Summer Season now. Everything is over from the regular season and we are on to the fun summer shows. For the most part, these shows are a little easier on the mind, and plenty are high on the "cheese factor." And yet, even the summer season of TV has found a way to have some real quality programs. So time to take a look at what happened last week (including a few lingering season finales).

DROP DEAD DIVA: Yeah, I watch Lifetime Original Programming! So what? This one is actually really sweet and a nice way to start the week. It's been gone for about 6 months and I almost forgot just how charming the lead, Brooke Elliott, is. And the support she has from the likes of Margret Cho and David Denman makes her even better. The show may be cheesy, but it is a lot of fun and has a lot of heart.

THE BACHLORETTE: Justin walked on his crutches all the way up the canyon to Ali's house and when the other guys found out they are super pissed. If you ask me, the reason they are pissed is that no one in any season has ever thought of doing it before. Don't get me wrong - it was still a total douche move, especially because it cut into some other guy's solo date. And as far that guy getting the boot (i can't even remember his name!) I don't think it has anything to do with the date getting cut short - I think it has to do with the fact he was goob, and Ali had no interest in him!

LIE TO ME: I've watched this show on and off since it started. It's good, but not my favorite. I enjoy Tim Roth, but I can't get past the feeling he is playing some sort of House/D'Onfrio on L&O:CI combo. He even does the D'Onfrio head tilt, which I'm pretty sure is trademarked. D'Onfrio should sue. Also a little sad that I finally get to see Jason Dohring on TV again and he plays a sociopath. Oh well..... But was happy to see Glenn Morshower in his trademark "Uptight Military Personnel" role. I miss Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce!

SAVING GRACE: We are quickly approaching the series finale of this bizarre and fascinating show. And the closer we get, the weirder the show gets! But somehow I still adore it, due in no small part to the genius of Holly Hunter and the rest of this cast. I will miss them all when they are gone, especially the angel, Earl. I wish he would follow me around for awhile - he's a lot of fun.

PERSONS UNKNOWN: Ummmm..... I don't have an opinion yet. Give me another week. But I will say I wish that I had my own chinese restaurant with a bunch of chinese men cooking for me.

SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER: The preachy show is back! And as weird as ever. Seriously - watch 5 minutes. The delivery of each line is so bizarre, I can't explain it. But yet, I watch. I don't know why. Maybe so I can see Kristin Bauer one more time a week. She is awesome, even when not playing a vampire.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Remember how I said Drop Dead Diva is cheesy...... never mind. This one takes the cake! It is beyond cheesy, but so far, also fun. And it has some great cast members that those of us who aren't currently teenagers can appreciate - Holly Marie Combs and Chad Lowe, for instance. And the main "Little Liar" is played by Lucy Hale, one of my favorites teen actors out there right now, so that doesn't hurt.

JUSTIFIED: Most of my entries in this blog have been fairly short, and the reason is I wanted to focus a little bit more on this hour of television. I have seen little else that has been as perfect as this hour of television this season. Don't get me wrong, there has been a lot of great TV recently, but this episode was a pitch perfect culmination of an entire season of practically perfect programming. While Walton Goggins isn't technically a regular on the show, the story we have been following has been as much about his character, Boyd, as it has Raylan. That is why when Boyd shows up at Ava's door to apologize the scene played so well. We have been watching this character, essentially through the eyes of Raylan, and can't be anything except surprised at how sincere his apology seems, even as our mind tells us to doubt it. And then we continue to question our gut instincts about Boyd as we watch his reaction to Beau killing all the men in Boyd's camp. It was just heartwrenching! (by the way, I can't listen to MC Gainey (Beau) without hearing him say, "We're gonna have to take the boy." I still get chills!) And then it makes him question his faith, which, if he was for real this entire time, is just sad! To make us feel better about our confusion - Raylan is equally stupefied by this revelation that maybe Boyd really was just trying to do good in his increidbly warped way. And speaking of Raylan, this is HIS show afterall, his character had quite the hour as well. Between the unresolved issues with Winona (did she say Gary moved out?) and having to constantly save Ava, the boy has issues. And then there is his dad. Oh Arlo. Causing problems as always. The hour ended in an intense shoot out that left Boyd back on the run, Beau dead, and Ava and Raylan left to clean up the mess. It was an amazing sequence! Can't wait for next season, because I sure have not had enough of these characters!

IN PLAIN SIGHT: So, is it required that every show has a character with aspergers as some point?

SYTYCD: Yes, I blogged this already, but I want to clear something up. I've been reading a lot of complaints that the season was going to be extra short because there are only 11 dancers, not the normal 20. This is not true. When there were 20 dancers, 2 were voted off each week. But with the 11 dancers only 1 will be voted off this week. Check the math - that the same number of week. Actually, one extra week because it is 11 not 10 dancers (which is why I think they rushed the Vegas episodes down to 2 instead of the normal 3). So don't worry. We will still get the same number of fab dances!!

BURN NOTICE: Well, this is going to get awkward - Michael is responsible for another spy getting burned and then said spy asks Michael for help and moves in to Madelines. Good times....

ROYAL PAINS: I need to check USA to see if I can get one of those HankMed bobbleheads. I love a bobblehead. But even better than the bobblehead, Mary Lynn Rajskub!!! Fun to see her as someone that can be funny in a non-snarky matter. (I miss you already, Chloe) I'm interested to see where they take the Eddie R storyline. I think Henry Winkler is fun in this role, but it can get very cliche very fast, so I hope that they work out a way to keep it fresh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: This episode focused on two couples that have been the heart of the show (if we ignore Coach and Tami Taylor who are more than the heart, but intead the soul). Matt and Julie got to a music fest in Austin to get Matt's mind off of the events of last week (Matt's dad's death). But in the end it only starts to highlight the pressure Julie feels to keep Matt happy, causing Matt to leave finally leave Dillon and start his own life away from his Grandma and Julie, to which I say NOOOOO. As much as I think this is a good move for the character I am sad to see Zach Gilford go. And then there is Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity. Lyla returned to support Matt at his family at the funeral, but stuck around to see Tim, much to young Becky's chagrin. Watching them was heartbreaking because we knew and they knew the reunion was just for these few days, but still hoped it would somehow work out. The actors were at their very best (and that is saying something) and conveyed more in just a look than pages of dialogue ever could. Oh Lyla.... I'm so sad to see you go!

Ok... that's it. Comment away. Or don't whatever. Actually, do comment. I live for the comments!!

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