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Week in Review: 5/30-6/5

And so it begins..... the relatively slow part of the television season: summer. Yes, it's spring, but you know what I mean. All but Glee have ended for the regular season, and we are on to cable programs, for the most part. And these next couple weeks are going to be especially slow - regular season is over, summer season has barely started. If you have some extra time, I recommend the summer to go get some TV seasons on DVD from the library. Need any suggestions, just ask.

So let's get to what was on TV this week.....

THE BACHLORETTE: Confession time - I saw a website that said what is going to happen for almost the rest of the season. I know basically all of it except which guy she chooses, but I do know the top two. I know which guy is the "Wes" and has a girlfriend at home already - this should be obvious if you are watching. I also know which guy it is that decides to leave and makes Ali have a breakdown at the end. So.... I don't know how much more I'm going to watch or what I can really say. I will say this. Based on the two guys at the end, it seems obvious who she would pick, I think. And the guy that decides to leave.... well I'm heartbroken about it and not sure I want to watch. I'm still deciding.

GLEE: Oh Glee, why can't you just be on all year round?? I heart you so much. This week really belonged to Puck and Quinn. First of all, Puck calling Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch "old school" broke my heart a little. And probably Mark Whalberg's too. I feel like it was just yesterday that Marky Mark was looking down at me from a huge ass billboard in Times Square wearing his Calvin Kleins.  But I digress...... Quinn's rendition of It's a Man's World was fantastic. It started sort of odd, but I was beyond impressed at the end, and not just because one of the pregnant girls was Courtney Galliano of SYTYCD. Speaking of odd, the Will seducing Sue storyline was creepy on all levels, but I loved it nonetheless. Especially that Sue wore pearls with her sweatsuit to be fancy. And while all of these stories were great, I think the last 10 minutes or so were the best. First, the ultra-cliche moment where Rachel thinks the "cool guy" wants to be with her and then she gets egged. (How many HS movies include this scene?) And as sad as that scene was (especially Jesse... oh Jesse, you break my heart) the fact that it lead to the boys of Glee (including Kurt) wanting to go kick some ass on her behalf was adorable. No matter how much of a bad time they give her, they still love her as a fellow freak. And then the end.... I knew when I heard that song on the soundtrack that it would have to be epic to work, and it was. As Puck said, "See you at Regionals"

JUSTIFIED: This show can not get any better, can it? Between Winona and Ava dealing with each other at Winona's house and Arlo double (triple?) crossing Raylan, this episode was full of a lot of tense and meaningful moments. This show is beyond well written. Proof: The scene in the church with Boyd giving a sermon that has double meaning. And words are other times totally unneccessary. Proof: the scene with Winona in Raylan's apartment/motel room, specifically when she left. As she slipped that ring back on her finger, I could almost hear Raylan's heart break just a little. Until this point the attraction to Raylan has always been his charm, but in this episode more than any other we saw that he is also sad and sweet, and it makes you just want to hug him. I'm so nervous for next week.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE:  I'm not sure if I can handle Billy Bell and Anthony Wong not making it to the top 10. Just a warning if I use this blog next week as a sob fest. But as far as this week goes: Holy Crap... did ballroom choreo chic (name is gone from my head... Tony?) go crazy when she got in front of those kids or what?? I love Billy, "She's Nazi Barbie!"

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Ever since Laura San Giacomo uttered the word "Cinder-fuckin-rella" in Pretty Woman twenty years ago, I've loved her. She is always perfection, and proved as much in this episode as a dying woman whose last wish is to take down her mobster family in order to save her niece who is going to marry into the "family." And while she saved her niece, she also saved Mary, just a little. Sometimes Mary is so abrasive and hateful we forget she has a softer side. This episode was a well timed reminder. It was nice to see... and impossibly sad.

BURN NOTICE: This show works for one big reason: the supporting cast. As good as Jeffrey Donovan is as Michael, nothing beats those 3 people he can count on to back him up: Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and his mom (Sharon Gless). And while it is probably only a third teir storyline, the friendship between Sam and mom is far and away the best part of the show. So while a good season opener, the fact that these two had no scenes together made it a bit of a disappointment. However we did get a new character: Vaughn, played by Robert Wisdom (Uriel, for those of you who watch Supernatural). Interested to see where this story goes.

ROYAL PAINS: Another fun USA show back for the summer! And this one comes with a oh-so-pretty setting of the Hamptons. But with the return means the continuation of the "Will Divya go to London?" storyline. All I have to say is, she better not. One storyline they ended during the hiatus is the Jill/Charlie storyline, and thank goodness for that, because it was stupid and I hated it. But in it's wake we now have to worry about Jill losing her job thanks to Marcia Gay Harden. Good thing I love MGH so much!  I am looking forward to Papa Larsen though! Bring on The Fonz!

PARTY DOWN: Kristin Bell is the shit. Seriously. The shit. While I'm glad Uta and Henry broke up, I still want K. Bell on every episode. I still hold out hope they will just bring back Veronica Mars. But since that's not happening, and Kristin is busy making movies, I'm glad that Lizzy Caplan is on the show to bring on the sass. Henry and Casey forever!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Since this season aired already on DirecTV, I knew that this was the episode of the season and that it was a 5-tissue episode. I don't think the world has enough tissues, personally. I know, for some unexplained reason, a lot of people don't watch this show. Remember I said to rent some TV shows for the summer? Start with this one. I know... a show about high school football doesn't sound that thrilling, that is what I thought, but I was wrong. Beyond wrong. This show is perfection. And the acting is so good I can't put it into words. I know I've said all of this before, but I have to say it again because this episode was the best I've seen in 4 seasons of FNL. And Zach Gilford was fantastic in expressing the confusion Matt Saracen had in dealing with the death of his father - a man he loved and hated. His rollercoaster of emotions was one I could empathize with, and it was a ride that was both difficult and exhilirating to take along with him. From his moment of seeing his father, to breaking down at the Taylor's for dinner, to finally finding some version of closure as he shoveled the dirt back into his father's grave, Zach Gilford gave the performance of his life. But there was one moment that made me laugh outloud, only because it was one I could so relate to. When the McCoys came to give their condolences at the wake and Matt said "Seriously?!?!" and then slammed the door in their faces.... well let's just say it's a feeling I understood exactly. It's funny how in moments like that people who are assholes think you have to deal with them. Way to go, Matt. 

And that's it. I tried to make some a little longer just to fill in the gaps. May write a full blog for the Glee finale. Lord knows I'll have enough to say about it!

Comment me. Something else I should be watching?

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