Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes... The Good, The Bad and Chloe Sevigny's dress (the ugly)

So the Golden Globes are over, and awards season has officially begun. Actually they started months ago, but since all those critics/festival awards are not televised, they don't count. Ok, The Critics Choice Awards were televised, but on VH1, so isn't that like saying they don't count?? Okay, they do, and I agreed with most of them, but again, on VH1 so they don't really count.

I'm going to break this up into sections to make it easier for my brain....

Ricky Gervais:
I love him. He makes me laugh if only because no one makes him laugh more than himself. He started off a little shaky, but the more he drank, the better he got. His Colin Farrell opener was cute, but nothing - NOTHING - made me laugh harder all night than his intro for Mel Gibson. In case you missed it he started by saying he apologizes for any bad stuff he says about people during the show and to blame it all on the booze. Then he says, "I love a drink as much as the next man, unless that next man is Mel Gibson." I'm still giggling. And while I am not a Mel fan, props for taking the joke well. Boob. Overall, good job Ricky. (Why wasn't it NPH???)

A German movie won Foreign Language, T Bone won another award for a song from Crazy Heart and the guy that does the music for LOST won score for UP.... and now that that's out of the way, lets get to some awards that we care about. Up for Animated Film. Was it a contest at all? That could have been a contender for best picture! Screenplay went to Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, and with reason. The script was perfection. Only other choice would have been Inglourious Basterds, which despite being sold as a war movie, was really just a series of conversations. But UITA was beautiful, and Reitman deserves the accolades. Supports: Christoph Waltz and Mo'Nique. Both are obviously very kind, lovely people. Both played characters that were scary as all hell - well deserved on both counts!! Um, I didn't see Crazy Heart, so I can't really comment on Jeff Bridges, but his speech was great and he's The Dude, so always happy for him. And how much does he look like Lloyd?? More and more every day! Robert Downey Jr - another performance I haven't seen, but I'm sure he was great because, really, when isn't he? He may be crazy, but he's a hell of an actor. As for the ladies - my picks won. Sandra is having her Julia Roberts' Erin Brockovich year. Finally made a movie worth the awards, so I hope she collects all she can! And Meryl --- there are no words for Meryl, are there? She is perfection, I don't care what she is doing. And then there is Avatar. I know some don't like it, (even if you haven't seen it, Kylene! LOL) but as a person who has spent my entire life in love with movies, I admit this one deserves the love, even if James Cameron is an SOB who does not need his head inflated any more! I could write an entire blog on this movie and how it changed my idea of what a film could be. Not all big movies have to be evil, and this one proves it. And on a related note, love the awkward moments between ex-spouses this award season. Hope Kathryn Bigelow can take something home Oscar night! My favorite award of the night: THE HANGOVER!!!!! That movie made me laugh harder than any other movie all year, hands down. Best comedy, indeed. And Mike Tyson got to go on stage to help accept a Golden Globe!! Is there anything better?!?!

And now for the good stuff.... TELEVISION:
First, the mini-series/made for TV movies stuff most of you don't care about. HUGE congrats to Drew and Grey Gardens. That movie was splendid. I don't like Jessica Lange, and while Drew is a wonderful person I don't always enjoy her performances in movies. She deserves the love for this one. It was fantastic from start to finish. And truly heartbraking. I couldn't get through Taking Chance, but I'm glad Kevin Bacon got some awards season love - he is so underrated! Now for the support by an actor or actress in anything that ever was on TV ever at all anytime all season. (Why oh why, Hollywood Foreign Press, must you combine these categories?!?!?!) Dexter is fantastic, and I'm sure John Lithgow was chilling as the Trinity Killer (I'm waiting for the DVD), but for the love of God and all that is holy if someone does not give Neil Patrick Harris an award for something soon I'm going to find these losers and beat them. And don't get me started on Supporting Actress. REALLY?!?!!?!?!? Chloe Sevigny!??!?!?!?! JANE LYNCH DAMMIT!!! JANE LYNCH!!! I think that sums up point. Let's move on. Actors: Alec? Really? We get it, he's funny. BUT, since he probably does make me laugh more than any of the other nominees, I'll let it go. Michael C. Hall - it's about damn time someone acknowledge that he is awesome. (Side note - proof that Hall is a truly classy guy: He didn't announce his battle with cancer until AFTER the voting deadline.) (Another side note - I get a little creeped out when he kisses his on-screen sister. Even if on the show they aren't really related. Still... weird) Actresses: Julianna Margulies is VERY good on The Good Wife. Don't always love her, but I'm good with this win. Honestly, as long as Kyra Sedgwick didn't win, I was happy. Bonus to Julianna winning: a 5 second Dr. Ross/Nurse Carol reunion when she gave Clooney a kiss on her way up to the stage. Swoon. Toni Collette - I love her, and I have never seen Tara so I can't judge her performance, but Lea Michele people, Lea Michele! Seriously. Now to the big ones: GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (ahem) So happy this one! I adore Modern Family, and it will get Emmy love for sure, but it's Comedy or Musical, and Glee is both!! And it is wonderful. Watch it if you don't already! Mad Men.... I'm so happy with this. True Blood and Dexter are wonderful shows. WONDERFUL. But Mad Men is beyond beautiful, and this year it deserved it more than any other. However, it's won several times now, so we can move on next year. I give you permission, HFPA.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. And I'm excited for the SAGs this weekend. But now it's time to leave the awards bubble and get back to our regularly scheduled programming. (24 blog to come....)

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Kylene said...

YaY! I got a shot-out in the blog! Woo Hoo! :)
Now while I am sure that Avatar is a beautiful technological achievement to call it the Best Picture of the year against some of those other films, which I HAVE seen UITA & Bastards, I'm watching The Hurt Locker tonight, truly makes me ill. It is reminding me of Titanic all over again. Which I will admit I was all over that (I thought that it was the Best Picture that Year & it deserved the Oscar, blah blah blah) UNTIL I saw LA Confidential a few months AFTER it lost the Best Picture Oscar and I found myself taking EVERYTHING I ever said back! I was SO wrong, Cameron didn't deserve the praise then & he sure as hell doesn't deserve it now.
And giving the self-indulgent SOB Cameron (hey your words) the directing award when HE himself even admitted he thought his ex-wife should have won was even worse. The HFPA needs their heads examined!
As for the tv end, don't even get me started. Jane Lynch was so robbed! What was the HFPA thinking?! I think that Toni deserved the Globe, I love her on Tara, but Lea could have won too. As for the rest of the tv the only one I got really really pissed at was drama, sorry Mad Men, I was pulling for True Blood.