Friday, January 29, 2010

Psych: You Can't Handle This Episode

Psych is back!!!!  Wooohooo!!  There would have been more "o's" in that Wooohooo if I liked this episode better.  My general reaction: it was funny.  (Notice all the lower case and no excessive use of exclamation points).  But I am happy to have it back.

The storyline - not a highlight.  I didn't care.  Briefly: A soldier is found dead from what is supposed to look like suicide, but even I would have walked into that murder scene and said, "murder!" so whoever did it is an idiot.  Jules calls her until now unknown to us brother, Ewan, played by the kinda adorable John Cena.  (I once read a description of John Cena that said he looks like Matt Damon ate Matt Damon. Good luck ever getting that description out of your head.  I read that years ago and that is still all I see when I look at Cena).  Ewan is some super spy army guy who comes to help.  Until his mysterious boss (let's call him Charlie, because it was like an episode of Charlie's Angels everytime that guy was on screen) told him to cover it up. Blah blah blah, stuff happens.  Shawn notices something fishy and says he thinks Ewan did it.  Jules is very unhappy.  Though I was happy that Gus pointed out that Jules accused both his parents of murder on Christmas!  Hypocrite.  (I say with love) Turns out some guy on base we met earlier in the ep did it because the guy saw him selling weapons illegally to some Asian guys.  At this point I was hoping they would call Jack Bauer in to take care of things.  Hello!  Soldiers selling Asians weapons off an Army base - that is a season of 24 right there! Ewan sneaks the murderer away from the police so he can kill him.  Shawn figures it out, Jules comes and arrests her brother as she Mirandizes him with tears in her eyes.  But by the time the bus is supposed to be leaving with the prisoners there is no record of Ewan even being there. Charlie saved him.  Sneaky bastard.

Also going on - Shawn and Abigail are on shaky ground with their relationship and it turns out it is because she is leaving for Uganda for 6 months!  Bye bye Abigail!  Glad to see you go. I like Rachel Leigh Cook, but I did not like Abigail.  Shawn and Juliet forever!  However right before she leaves she says she will be back February 24 for a few days - that's a wednesday.  Guess which episode will have RLC again?? 

OK--- let's talk about some of my favorite moments.

-Cena asking if anyone would like to find the 11 other weapons he has hidden on his body.  Yes, John.  Yes I would.  (I'd like to take this opportunity to address John directly, as I am sure he will be reading this.  Dear John, You can be the next Rock with a relatively decent movie career.  If this should happen to you, please oh please, continue to make "Man Movies."  I'm glad the Rock found some success with kid movies, but if I see YOU ever making a movie where you are wearing a tutu and fairy wings, I will find you and smack you! Kthanksbye, Mel)
-The brief flashback with Corbin and his hairpiece.  Let there please be more Dad next week!
- Major General.  It does feel awesome to say it.
-I was happy to see that they didn't even show Shawn and Gus trying to sneak on base.  Because really, it is 2010.  Those fools wouldn't have gotten past the driveway leading up to the gate.
-"There's no way we're getting D'Onfriod"
-Ghee Buttersnaps.  Poor Gus
-"I've never met a man who was so big he couldn't hide behind a plane"  Yes they showed this line 1897389237 times leading up to the premiere, but it was still funny!
-Shawn saying he didn't respect the Coast Guard because of the movie The Guardian.  It's funny on it's own, but even funnier if you know that Dule Hill was in the Guardian.
-"You are right.  Eve Plumb did do three episodes of the Love Boat."  Seriously, Shawn and Jules FOREVER! 

There were more one-liners, but not as much as I would like.  Plus I don't need more wedges getting put between Shawn and Jules.  Here's hoping next week is better.  And despite some of the negative - this is still one of the best shows on TV.  Love it!


Ethan said...

Yeah... not the greatest episode. Although I'm with you in just being stoked that we're getting new episodes. I actually thought
Cena brought the episode down. One of the strengths of this show (in my opinion of course) is that the characters can be cheesy/hokey without... wait for it... being cheesy or hokey. Cena failed in that regard.

I hope USA's not going to be forcing the cross-promotion on us too much.

Nancy said...

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