Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top 10 of 2009

Alright, 2009 is officially over (whew!). Happy New Year! So now that it's done, here are my Top 10 TV moments** of last year. They are in no particular order. Just how they came to me. Though I will say this - Number 1 IS Number 1. There is no better moment on television in 2009 than that moment. I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, however most of these moments happened MONTHS ago, so if you haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry. I'll do what I can.

**In this blog, a "moment" can be many things. A scene, a character, an episode or some combination of the 3. It's just too much of a pain to limit myself!

1. Mad Men Season 3 Finale. Possibly one of the best hours of television ever to air. Ever. Viewers were rewarded for everything they sat through all season. All series, actually. I think the one word that describes how I felt when it was over was "elation". Not only for the characters, but for myself. That episode sums up why I [heart] TV. And if I were to pick one moment that captures the entire episode - and is hands down the best minute of television of 2009 - it is Joan Halloway's entrance into Sterling Cooper. Christina Hendricks deserves an Emmy for her walk alone.

2. LOST Season 5 Finale. The entire season was made up of WTF moments, and the finale brings them on full force in every act. "WHO is in the box??" "Did he really just throw him in the fire?" And most importantly: "What does the white light mean???? Did it work??" I get chills just thinking about that final sequence with Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. And that white light.... I can not wait for February 2nd. I can not wait to know what Team Darlton has come up with. But I don't know what I will do without it anymore!! Thank goodness for number 3......

3. Alexander Skarsgard. Honestly, all of Season 2 of True Blood could be on here. There is a reason the premiere was the highest rated HBO program since The Sopranos finale, and that every subsequent episode grew in the ratings. By a lot. But Skarsgard's portrayal of Eric was by far the highlight. (Once we got past who was in the car) If I had to pick one moment - Eric and Godric on the roof of the hotel in Dallas. If I had to pick two moments - Eric and Sookie in bed. Holy yum.

4. Booth's Dream. Ok, I'll be honest, when this happened last Spring, I was annoyed. We were promised Booth/Bones love all season and it ended up just being a dream Booth had while under anesthesia while getting a brain tumor removed. Sure, we got some fun with Zach, but IT WAS JUST A DREAM!! Then in the Fall, Hart Hanson made it all better. Yes, it was just a dream, but it made Booth realize he was REALLY in love with Bones. So, all is forgiven Hart. I'm sorry I doubted you. Now if only Bones would figure it out!

5. So You Think You Can Dance. It seems this summer was when the rest of the world realized that SYTYCD is amazing. The talent is beyond outstanding and the host, Cat Deely, is the best in all reality TV (realize this, Emmy voters!). There are two standouts of the past two seasons of SYTYCD. First, Travis Wall. For those who do not know, Travis came in second during season 2 and came back this summer as a choreographer. He has done about 5 dances since. Every single one is fantastic. I can't pick just one, so I just pick Travis as a whole. The second, Mia Michael's Addiction performed by Kayla and Kupono. If you have seen it, you know why. If you haven't, youtube it. Most moving 3 minutes of dance you will ever see.

6. Neil Patrick Harris. This slot was originally going to be for the Barney/Robin storyline on How I Met Your Mother. I think that it allowed for some real growth with a character that could otherwise be one dimensional. And NPH played it amazingly. BUT, then I realized that just listing that storyline neglects to show just how great NPH was this year. The Tonys! The Emmys! Saturday Night Live! He hosted 2009, and I have to give him credit for the whole year. Is there anyone more charming? And I say this as an impartial viewer, and not someone who has had a crush on him since I was 9.

7. Adam. Lambert. (nuff said)

8. Jim and Pam's wedding. I feel sorry for the poor bastards that got married the same weekend that this aired. No matter how romantic the groom was, nothing will ever live up to Jim Halpert cutting off half his tie. And no bride will be as adorable/beautiful as Pam taking a mental picture of it. It had some of the most awkward Michael Scott moments (though nothing will ever be as awkward/awful as Scott's Tots) but they were worth sitting through to get to that montage at the end of their two weddings. When they do those specials about the best weddings on television, this one will be up there with Luke&Laura and Charles&Di.

9. Modern Family pilot. In my life I have seen countless half hour comedy pilots. NEVER in my life have I felt as connected with the characters right off the bat as I did with this show. Never. For a show with an ensemble cast of 10 (11 if you count Lily), that is quite an accomplishment. Each character was defined immediately, and each one more lovable than the next. Oh, and did I mention is was fall-off-the-couch-from-laughing-so-hard funny???? And each episode after is just as good? Better, actually. While Friends will probably always be my favorite comedy series, Modern Family has quickly taken a very close second. If you aren't watching this show - do it. I command it. (And while you are at it, watch Cougar Town too. so good!)

10. "Hey guys? I know Kung Fu!" Chuck is a weekly version of a great action movies. A funny/nerdy guy who is pulled into a life of adventure against his will. That just makes for fun stuff. Season 2 ended on a question mark - is it coming back or not? In one of the few good decisions they would make all year, NBC renewed it for 13 (now 19) more episodes. But this ending would have sufficed if it were to have been the last. Thankfully, we get it back, and I can't wait to see what Chuck does with the new intersect in his head.

There were many more, but those were my favorites.

Ok, I'm going to cheat and add a #11. But first a side note. When I was 12 years old I turned on the TV after school and saw Luke, Laura and Lucky Spencer escaping from a burning building. That was my first episode of General Hospital, and I was hooked. I have watched since then - for 17 years. I love it. Whatever.

11. Jonathan Jackson Returns! JJ is the original Lucky Spencer on GH. He left the show in 1996 and was replaced by Jacob Young and then several years later Greg Vaughn took over. While neither was terrible, neither ever felt right as Lucky. Then at the end of October 2009, JJ made his first appearance in 13 years on GH. And suddenly.all scenes with him made sense again. Especially any with Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, Lucky's long time love) and Tony Geary (Luke). All was right again in Port Charles.... well, not really. But it's getting better.


Anonymous said...

The addiction piece brought me to tears. And not just a single, pretty tear. I was bawling. Not pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I am cracking up over how damn uncomfortable Scott's Tots made me, that was so cringe worthy! I too heart Travis and SYTYCD in general. NPH, so glad he made the list and you finally got on HIMYM (I know it conflicted with other favs of yours, but that monday night CBS lineup is like NBC's TGIF from my childhood)! Are Booth and Bones ever going to get it together or is that a series finale type development?!?!

Kylene said...

Alex on "True Blood" this season really showed why Alan moved him to a series regular. I agree the roof top scene with him & Godric had me crying along with him, the emotion was palpable. He really brought the emotion to that scene. And then that other scene with Eric & Sookie in bed...Triple Yummy! I know everyone praises Michelle Forbes for this season of True Blood but I agree with you I hope Alex gets some love as well.

I agree with you 2009 WAS the year of NPH! He was so robbed at the Emmys this year! He hosted 2009 & it was AWESOME! And the return of the REAL "Lucky" on General Hospital also brought me back to the show as well and I couldn't be happier.

Melissa said...

Lianna - I too entered the ugly cry state when watching Addiction. Honestly, if I just think about that dance for too long I start to well up.

Erin - I don't think the Booth Bones getting together is a series finale thing. At least not from what Hart has always said. I think he just wants to make sure when it happens it works and they (the writers) can deal with it. Plus - it's not like these characters would just get together. They are too stubborn. :)

Kylene - I liked Michelle Forbes too. And while I think she deserves the praise, I was SO glad she died. (Because, if you read the books, you know that didn't have to happen). The character was done. Eric/Alex on the other hand - well, they just get better and better.