Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week in Review

Alright, time for me to look longingly back at the week in TV.  That's right.  I said longingly.  Because of Dollhouse, okay? It was the last one.... [tears].  But I'm getting ahead of myself....

Again, I'm not going to talk about EVERYTHING on here, because that would be ridiculous.  And not everything will get equal love, but I will mix it up week to week. Basically, these are the things that stood out enough that I broke out the iPhone and put something in my notes.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I put this only because this week in school we read Aristotle who taught in Poetics that a great Plot will have someone kill someone else who had been a friend, and then discover after the fact that it was actually his son/father/brother etc.  Apparently the GH writers have been studying Aristotle! Good job, guys.  Also, PLEASE get a new opening credits. Half of the guys at the end are either dead or gone!  Annoying!

MASTERPIECE CLASSIC: EMMA:  Oh yeah, that's right.  We are classing up the joint this week with a PBS program because I have an English Lit degree and can make use of it while sitting on my ass in front of the television! This was the first 2 hours of a 4 hour adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, which I will admit is my least favorite of her works.  I love Clueless as much as the next gal, but Emma is one of the most obnoxious self-centered heroines in all of literature! However, Romola Garai plays her with just enough modesty and humor that I fell in love with her, despite my prejudice.  And Johnny Lee Miller.... swoon.

GREEK: Greek is back on ABC Family for what is threatening to be the last season.  Two notes for the producers before it ends: 1- Get rid of the "Zetas burnt down the Gamma house" storyline. 2- Keep Cappie and Cassie together.  Other than that... keep the cheesy ABC Family fun going til the end! (Side note: during this ep there was a commercial for the ABC Family movie The Cutting Edge 3.  It has the slutty girl from The Secret Life and Booth's brother from Bones.  I'm there!)

ONE TREE HILL:  Good God almighty, Taylor is a whore.  And David is stupid.  I think that is enough said.  Except, as much as I hate Alex, I cheered when Julian punched the director to stick up for her.  That show does love to overdo the Hollywood stereotypes!

HOUSE: I really liked this episode of House.  I can't always say that, because sometimes they are ridiculous.  My two favorite, laugh out loud moments: House saying that everyone who hasn't slept together leave the room, and then Taub stays, waits a beat and then looks at Thirteen and says, "Oh, was that supposed to be a secret?" Also, House pretending his computer is a typewriter instead of a computer when trying to get Wilson to leave him alone.  Oh, Hugh Laurie.  You are a comic genius (because you are British).

DAMAGES:  WOOOHOOO!! It's back! I love this show and it's twists a turns.  First season I thought Rose Byrne was awful, but she has really grown into the role.  And the guest cast this season--- it's a master class in character acting: Martin Short, Cambell Scott, Lily Tomlin, Len Cariou, Ben Shenkman and Reiko Aylesworth.  Amazing!  And poor Tate!  [super sad face]

CASTLE: Seriously, are some of you still not watching this???  If Nathan Fillion isn't enough, Jon Huertas (from Generation Kill) should be.  Double swoon!  And those in charge of writing Castle and Beckett's relationship have obviously taken a page out of the Bones Handbook for Successfully Have a Working Relationship with Sexual Tension. 

CHUCK: I heard Brandon Routh is taking his shirt off in the March 1 episode.  Be watching by then. (Also, please let there be some sort of "wink, wink" Superman reference between Brandon and Kristin Kreuk who started her multi episode story arc this week)

LEVERAGE: Only comment: what's with the beads in Christian's hair?? Just saying...

WHITE COLLAR: Erik Palladino Alert!  Love when he is on anything.  Is it just me, or are Neal and Peter getting funnier and funnier together every week?  Even got Stanford Blatch in on the fun this time. I keep expecting Sharif Atkins to be evil, because his name is in the guest credits as opposed to being a regular.  Note to producers: If you think you are doing a good job of hiding just how preggers Tiffani Theissen is, you are sooo wrong!

HUMAN TARGET:  This episode seemed especially far fetched to me.  Specifically, Chance and the girl flying off a motorcycle, landing on a grassy knoll and she doesn't even have a scratch on her very exposed legs! Let alone a sprained wrist! BUT, they did guest cast out of the Whedonverse (Sean Maher) and left it open for him to come back, so bonus points to them! And another note to men: I mentioned in my 24 blog to never call a woman unstable to her face.  Well in this show we learned never to say to a woman that you don't know "Sorry, I won't be needing a date tonight" then hand her $40.  Women do not want to be accused of being a hooker, especially a $40 one!

BETTER OFF TED:  This was probably the last episode we will see.  I am sooooo sad.  This show was incredibly funny.  I can't even begin to describe because it is too bizarre.  Portia De Rossi described herself as a fawn in the woods with a machine gun and wings.  Trust me. It was funny.

THE INBETWEENERS: If you get BBC America and find obscene British humor funny, watch this!!  Wednesday nights at 9:30, but it repeats often over the week.  Sick and wrong.  And HYSTERICAL!  My comment about Polio on Facebook was from this show.  Love it!

BONES:  Oh, Bones.  I thought I was going to have another week where I wasn't grossed out by the body and then you had to go and release thousands of spiders from the clay brick.  Ew.  Ew ew ew.  But, the Union soldier that found the body was a Ghostfacer!!  (Sing it with me Katie...  Ghostfacers, YEAH!) The killer was obvious because the actor was too familiar to just be in the beginning of the investigation for 2 mintues.  But the road to discovering he was the killer led to an all gay football team.  It turns out that the DC area has a disproportionate amount of hot gay men who play football.  I want to move there.  In the personal life portion of the show: Jared is back with Padme (Rebecca from Greek) who apparently used to be an escort, much to Booth's dismay.  I love that Bones pointed out that Booth told her she should love Max, despite being a murderer because he is her father and love conquers all, so there shouldn't be a difference with Jared and Padme.  Bones stumping Booth in matters of the heart?  That brain tumor sure did a number! Love Bones' toast at the end, and that EVERYONE knows those two love each other except the two of them! One last side note: Angela and Sweets not showing up until halfway through the episode is completely unacceptable!! (Long enough for you, Erin?)

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Is anyone in Mystic Falls NOT a Vampire??? Seriously!!!

THE DEEP END: I still am shaky on this one.  Just one thing to point out: The end of the episode where Beth kisses Liam "just to see" and he says he felt nothing, and then sits down with a shocked look on his face and says "wow".  Seen it before, almost exactly: Here

DOLLHOUSE: I will admit, I get a little misty just thinking about this episode.  If you never watched Dollhouse, I'm sorry.  And I hate you for getting it cancelled.  Kidding. Kind of. It did start off shaky in the first season but Joss and Co got it together for season 2, and it was practically perfection the entire way to the end.  But, the finale.... A Whedon masterpiece.  First of all, a parade of Whedonverse faces to make me happy.  Even Summer Glau on a computer screen. Adele and Topher proved to be the most interesting characters after starting out as the most polarizing.  And there were deaths, of course, that actually directly corresponded to the deaths in the Buffy finale.  Topher got the "save the world by blowing up" Spike death (though chances are it won't wind up materializing in a evil law office on another show next season).  And Paul (NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I literally weeped in full on ugly cry) got the "heroic in battle" Anya death. Maggie (Felicia Day) turned out to be gay.  Apparently all redheads are lesbians according to Joss! And Alpha turned out to be sane when needed.  Good for him! But despite all the sadness, there was one happy ending (and still lots of tears): Tony (Victor), Priya (Sierra) and T living happily ever after. Thank goodness.  I'm not sure how I feel about the Paul in Caroline's head thing.  I'm still thinking about it. :) Because Whedon and his writers are known for their style of language, I'm going to end the blog with a few of my favorite quotes from the final.

Paul: (after explaining the first part of his crazy plan) This is where it gets interesting.
Maggie: It was dull?

Paul (to Zone): The world still needs heroes, kid.
Everyone: [laughter]
Echo: Did you really just say that?
Paul: What? I was trying to be inspirational!
Echo: You're so corny.
Paul: You're so....... fat.

Zone: Super Butchers? Grand.

Victor: We were born ready..... well, not technically.

Alpha: Because we are not freakshows.  Well, I am.  And Echo. Topher's a little off.  But Adele! She's a class act all the way!

I will miss you Dollhouse, I can't wait to see what Joss has next for us.  Besides a sure to be awesome episode of Glee with (hopefully) NPH.  And now with the extra time, maybe he can get more serious about Dr. Horrible 2.  There are already songs written!! And now I'm going to go sing Freeze Ray to myself. 


Annette said...

I seriously love Hugh Laurie! Did you know that he was in the Annie Lennox video Walkin' On Broken Glass? I loved how in this last episode he still gave that guy with the fake story a check to pay his mortgage. He's definitely making some changes!

Melissa said...

I did know that was Hugh Laurie, mostly because that was one of my favorite music videos when I was younger! I'm glad they are giving the character growth. He will never be "normal," but growth is necessary!

Erin hearts Booth said...

Thank for the long Bones review =0) sadly, I don't watch any of your other shows, how sad is that with all the tv I watch?! I guess you just watch more haha

Kylene said...

I am so happy you included Damages in your wrap up! I love that show & have since day 1. I agree with you, I am SUPER excited about this Season! MASTER class in character acting indeed! Martin Short is blowing me away so far, such a departure from his comedic roles. Rose has grown since the first season and what can you say about Ms. Glenn Close? Just amazing!

And I was saying the same thing about our hottie Christian's hair? What IS with the braids & the beads?