Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week in Review

As you all know I watch way more than the few shows I've chosen to blog about, so here is a "week in review" about some (yes, only some. shut up. I do so have a life. ok, maybe not.) of the other shows that I watch.

Chuck: Swoon. Brandon Routh. I know he is a spoiler to the Chuck/Sarah thing and I will inevitably hate his character but he is dreamy and so far, pretty interesting. And can use guns even if he doesn't like them (remember this, cuz it's important later in the blog) I find the "Chuck as handler/Captain Awesome as noob" storyline to be entertaining. But at some point poor Ellie needs to find out what is going on, right? Proof that Chuck has finally hit its stride with the spy stuff: I couldn't care less about the Buy More stuff. Sorry Morgan.

HIMYM: Congrats on a well directed episode, NPH. However if you directing episodes means that Barney is going to run out of every scene after the first 15 seconds, than I would prefer you leave the directing to someone else. Kthanksbye.

Heroes: I really really really wish they would decide if Sylar is going to be good or bad. I'm fine either way, just make a damn choice. I think Samuel is good enough to be a villain all on his own - he destroyed a whole town! And I thought Renee cutting off a guys hand on 24 was bad. Kudos to Samuel for winning the Bat Shit Crazy contest on Monday night! Also: DAVID ANDERS AGAIN!! First 24 and then in Hiro's sub-conscious or whatever. Plus he got to object to Hiro using the opening of Quantum Leap in his own defence! (Kevin was very excited.)

Castle: Do any of you watch this? You should. If only because Nathan Fillion is possibly the most charming man alive. And somehow he was even more charming this week. I heart him. And once he wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, so we are close. Right? Isn't that how it works? Dammit.

White Collar: Hurray!! Peter isn't evil!! He was trying to help Neal figure out what was going on with Kate. Turns out she is the evil one. Or the indifferent one. But as long as Neal and Peter are ok, what does it matter? Speaking of my favorite bromance, these two were at their finest with this week's con. We also learned that despite not liking guns, Neal knows how to use one! See, I told you it would come back. Almost the EXACT SAME LINE on two shows within less than 24 hours on networks both owned by NBC. Awesome. (Also, watch Burn Notice!!! Fun fun fun!)

Leverage: A repeat line, for Kylene: Tune in for the con artist fun. Stay for the hotness of Christian Kane. Yum

Modern Family/Cougar Town: This is a great duo of comedy on Wednesday nights. Every character is fleshed out and lovable. Particularly loved the remote bit on Modern Family, if only because I can use the remote! And on Cougar Town-- who isn't turned on by the mix of rain, the smell of pine and the rock stylings of REO Speedwagon? Busy Phillips, you are a comic genius.

Ugly Betty: Not sure if the show will make it past the ratings dip that came from being put in the wasteland of Friday, even if it now has a cush spots on Wednesday nights, but it deserves another season. It's been on a creative high and whoever decided to flesh out the Marc/Amanda/Betty friendship is a genius. Best part of the show, particularly this week with Marc and Betty. Marc getting a promotion is long overdue!

CW Shows: Life Unexpected was sweet and takes place in Portland! I love Shiri Appleby. My one complaint: How did two very Jewish looking people with brown eyes and brown hair create a very Goyeshe looking blond hair/blue eyed girl?? It's been awhile since I was in a Bio class, but that's not how it works, right? It's a recessive trait! Anywho.... OTH was soapy goodness. Taylor is a whore. A WHORE. (You it is back. Damon is officially the Eric for teenagers. Or people my age that watch shows on The CW. Whatever shut up. He is fun and super hot. And we are unsure of his good/bad ratio. See - he' Eric.

Grey's Anatomy: Two Words: HOTNESS MONSTER!! Three more words: Suck it, Sloane.

The Deep End: It's ok. But if there was going to be one show about 20-somethings entering a high stress job starring one of the former stars of Veronica Mars, I would have rather it had been The Body Politic on The CW. Look it up. It would have been fantastic. Suck it Dawn Ostroff. You picked The Beautiful Life and it was so horrible you had to pull it after 4 episodes! But I digress.... The Deep End was OK, I'll give it another week.

Bones: Oh, Booth. I love you so. And they handled the JFK storyline VERY well. To be honest, I was nervous about it. Also - lots of points for Hodgins. Way to man up! Hearts!! (Carter who, Erin? LOL)

NBC Comedy block: Joel McHale is adorable, and that is all that matters about Community. Parks and Rec was friggin hysterical. Had possibly the best line of the week, "People in this town are just getting into Nirvana. I don't have the heart to tell them what happens to Kurt Cobain in 1994" - Tom (Aziz Ansari). Classic. The Office may have been a glorified clip show, but it had David Constabile from Flight of the Conchords!! Best montages: "That's what she said" was funniest and Jim/Pam the sweetest. 30 Rock had more annoying Boston accents, so no matter how funny, I couldn't get past that.

Fringe: Someone give John Noble an award for something. Anything. Please.

Hope for Haiti Now telethon: Sadly we have seen many a telethon in our lifetime. It's amazing the power of having a celebrity answer phones. And boy, did Clooney prove his Hollywood clout with the faces he managed to get to answer phones in a few days notice! Steven Speilberg was answering phones!! Fantastic. The stories were moving, of course. Wyclef Jean especially, as it meant more to him than most. The performances were great. Highlights, for me: Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Jennifer Hudson and Justin Timberlake. (I'd like to take this moment to confess I have a secret crush on Justin. And when I realized he was about to sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, I almost died on the couch. One of the best songs ever written. Great rendition. Love him. Note to Ryan Murphy: Get him on Glee! Does Mr. Shue have a brother!?!) Overall: an AMAZING success by Clooney, who won me over even more at the SAGs when he was incredibly humble when singled out for this achievment.

I would talk about the SAG awards, but isn't that just like talking about the Golden Globes minus two (TWO!!!) of the winners?? I will say that Sandra Bullock and Betty White were hysterical!! (Betty White told my parents that I was a cute baby at the opening of the Koala House at the LA Zoo, so Betty White and I are old friends). Sandra also gave a great acceptance speech, especially about Jesse James. They are adorable. Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz must be really great friends by now, huh? She even stopped to give him a smooch on her way up to the stage! Let's get them a movie together!

Ok.... that's about it. I watched some other stuff too, but nothing I felt like writing about. And I'm still getting through Caprica. I didn't watch most of Battlestar Gallactica, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be missing something with this show. But James Marsters is going to be on (Spike from Buffy/Angel, for you not knowledgeable in the Whedonverse), so I felt like I should watch.

Not sure if I will always do this blog, but I always have a lot to say, so it may be fun. Let me know! I'm talking to you Kylene and Erin, because you are the only ones I know read these for sure! LOL!!


Kylene Dumiak said...

YaY! I'm up to 3 times now and twice in one blog, man I am famous! heehee! Or maybe like you I also have no life...yes I admit it I don't have one. ;)
Okay, I concur Leverage is just awesome & like your new tag line says I originally tuned in for the con artist fun & then stayed for the hotness of Christian Kane & he is hot. He does keep me warm on these cold nights. ;) Yum indeed!
I completely agree on NPH's directorial debut of HIMYM! It was great but if that means less Barney screen time then he shouldn't do it again. It felt like something was missing in certain scenes, like they needed more Barney or something.
Community this week I thought was pretty hilarious. I thought that it may have deserved a bit more of a mention that you gave it but hey it's your blog, I'm not telling you how to run it, if I did that I should do my own.
The Hope for Haiti telethon was amazing. I completely agree with you about Justin's rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. I was doing the "ugly cry" during the entire performance it was so beautiful, haunting & moving. The same with Jennifer Hudson's performance of "Let It Be" simply amazing! George Clooney is the man, no doubt about it. It just goes to show you how highly other celebs think of him. I mean Ringo Starr answer phones?! Kudos to you Mr. Clooney!
As for the SAG awards, I echo your comments about Betty White & Sandra Bullock. I just loved BOTH their acceptance speeches, fantastic!

And one last thing: PLEASE RYAN MURPHY FORGET ABOUT Getting Jennifer Lopez & GET JUSTIN ON GLEE NOW! {As Melissa said Mr. Shue's brother?}

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Bones didn't get a bigger paragraph, but I guess everyone might get tired of all the Booth gushing. This really is one of my favorite shows, like maybe ever. I am invested in every character. Usually when a show loses someone I really like (like Zack), I get kind of pissy, but Sweets as that young brainiac character, well I love him! 100 points to Hodgins (I usually only give 10) for being the man and honest, how touching. I was really upset he and Ang have not gotten back together already. Ok enough Bones. I second your opinions on NPH and the Office and I think that's all I watch that you wrote about. I do enjoy all your comments though- you keep me entertained, thank you!